Girl thrown from kayak by great white shark

2017 shark attack bite Normanville_South_Australia_Sarah William_photo_Shark_Watch_South_Australia

A kayaker was thrown into the air by a great white shark off the coast of South Australia. Sarah William was kayaking near her family, who were fishing for squid, off Normanville October 22. An estimated 14-foot (4.5m) great white shark attacked the 15-year-old‘s kayak from underneath knocking Williams and her kayak into the air. “It was like a car had hit her out of the water and then the kayak was launched, and then she was launched out of it into the water,” Sarah’s brother Mitchell Williams told ABC…

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Watch great white shark off Florida coast

Divers recently got the shark show of a lifetime when they witnessed a great white shark off the Florida coast. Stacey Tucker flew from Arizona to have a chance to dive with sharks off the coast of Jupiter August 22. Tucker and the group had just finished their first dive and were headed to the sunken tanker ship Esso Bonaire III. The Bonaire rests 90 feet under the surface and is known to host both nurse and lemon sharks. As Tucker was filming several lemon sharks, a fellow diver alerted…

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Great white shark attacks surfer, minor injury.

2017-shark_attack_bite_Main Beach off Iluka in New South Wales September 10_Abe McGrath _Instagram_brickson__

A great white shark attacked a surfer who some have called “the luckiest man on earth”. Abe McGrath was at Main Beach off Iluka in New South Wales September 10 around 6:00 a.m. The 35-year-old was lying on his board approximately 328 yards north of the Illuka wall when the shark shot up from underneath. “The impact lifted him up. The shark was coming from the deep and hit (Abe’s board) with its nose and opened its mouth and latched on the board,” fellow surfer Bryce Cameron told The Daily…

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Video: Great White Serial Killer Lives?


Jimi Partington of Shark Diving Xperts was recently featured on the Shark Week episode Great White Serial Killer Lives. In one of the week’s most harrowing moments, Jimi reached out to move a curious great white shark away from a platform and got a very close look inside the shark’s mouth. We reached out to ask him what it was like to be part of Shark Week, and find out how close he really came to losing his arm. First, I have to ask, what’s up with the title Great…

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Paddleboarder hit by great white in Cape Cod


A Cape Cod beach has been closed after a paddleboarder was hit by a great white shark. Cleveland Bigelow III was standing on the board around 30 yards off Marconi Beach in Wellfleet August 23 when the shark hit. He was knocked off the board at around 10:00 a.m. into 3-feet of water. “It was like a guy on a bicycle getting hit by a truck,” the 69-year-old told the Boston Herald.“I mean the impact — I didn’t see the shark either coming or going and I was obviously pretty…

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Great white shark kills seal off Cape Cod beach

cape cod great white eats seal on beach

A great white shark killed a seal off a Cape Cod beach August 21, creating a panicky reaction by those frequenting the popular area. Beachgoers were enjoying the waters off Nauset Beach around 1:30 p.m. when a great white shark chased a seal into the shallows near the beach. “I was in the water with my daughter,” Pat O’Brien told the Boston Globe. “She had just gotten out and I was looking up at her, and she yelled something down to me, but I didn’t hear what it was.” He…

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Man bitten by a shark off Ascension Island

A man was bitten by a shark off Ascension Island July 25. Kawika Matsu was paddle boarding around 33 yards off the English Bay when he knocked into the water by a shark. As the 37-year-old was swimming back to his board, the shark bit his shoulder and torso. He was able to climb back onto his board and wait for rescue The air condition engineer was picked up by the island rescue service and taken into shore. “He sustained critical bite wounds to his torso and is lucky to…

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