*Graphic* Video: Man bitten by nurse shark that won’t let go

2017 shark attack bite off Marathon City_Ervin Maccarty

Video is now available that shows a man bitten by a nurse shark that refused to release its bite. Ervin McCarty was snorkeling with a group of six people near Marathon City in the Florida Keys September 2, when one member of the group shot a grouper. Unfortunately, the grouper was lodged in a hole in 10-foot deep water. Since he is skilled at removing fish from holes, the captain asked McCarty to dive down and retrieve the fish. Once McCarty made it to the bottom, a nurse shark shot…

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Model bitten by a shark in the Bahamas


A model has been bitten by a shark in the Bahamas. Adventure blogger Mareen was traveling through the islands March 1, when she made a stop at Compass Cay. The private island is just south of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park and is known for an abundance of nurse sharks.  Workers at the local marina have been feeding the sharks, many of which have names, for years. Mareen was able to swim with the sharks and took the opportunity to float on her back as she was circled…

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Diver removes knife from nurse shark’s head

Matt Lamers_nurse_shark_stabbed_in_its_head_Cayman_Brac

Video showing a diver remove a knife from a nurse shark’s head has been posted on social media. A dive group was checking the scenery of Cayman Brac February 27 when they came across a nurse shark with a large knife lodged in its head. Brett Johnson, who works for Reef Divers, was leading the group around Snapper Reef when they noticed the shark had been stabbed in its head. “At first it looked like it was just sleeping as most nurse sharks usually are, but then we noticed something…

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Updated:Former NFL Player Bitten by Shark

A former NFL player was bitten by a shark in Florida.* Warren Sapp, former Bucs defensive tackle, was hunting lobster with a charter out of Marathon in the Florida Keys July 27.  The group was approximately seven miles off of Marathon in nine feet of water when the incident occurred. The forty-three-year-old was looking for a lobster when he saw a nurse shark lying in a lobster hole.  Sapp told The Rich Eisen Show he felt something “soft” when he stuck his hand in the hole. He then looked into…

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Nurse Shark Chased a Spearfisherman

Sean O’Connell was spearfishing off the coast of Pompano Beach, Florida, July 1 when he got a little more fish than he bargained for. The founder of Paddleboarder.com was out with several friends when he speared a hogfish. When he added his catch to his fish stringer, he noticed a nurse shark lying under a layer of rock. As he floated on the surface he spoke with another fisherman to warn him of the shark. His friend asked if the shark posed a threat, and O’Connell said they are normally…

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Woman Bitten By Nurse Shark in Florida

A woman has been bitten by a nurse shark in Florida. The unidentified female was bitten near the south end of Red Reef Park in Boca Raton. Rescuers arrived on scene at 1:30 pm to find the 2 foot dead shark was still attached to the 23-year-olds arm. They were able to splint the girls arm and immobilize it and the shark, before transporting them to Boca Regional Hospital in stable condition. Medical personal were able to remove the shark from the girls arm and she is expected to be…

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Provoked Nurse Shark Bite in the Bahamas

An eight-year-old boy was bitten by a nurse shark in the Bahamas. Henry Kreckman was playing in the water with his brother when they spotted a nurse shark in 3 ½ feet of water. The boys were watching the shark when an unidentified man in his 20’s grabbed the shark by the tail and lifted it out of the water. He then invited the boys in to “pet” the flailing shark. Henry’s father Clint told The Wisconsin State Journal the shark “flipped out of his (the man’s) hands and attached…

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