Tiger shark bite in Hawaii

Braxton Rocha YouTube

Braxton Rocha YouTube

A man been bitten by a tiger shark off the northern tip of the Big Island in Hawaii on Sunday.

John Braxton was spearfishing off Upolu Pointin when he was bitten on the left upper leg by a 13ft tiger shark.

The 27-year-old was able to swim to shore and a friend called 911.

A (graphic)video filmed* by Mr. Rocha shows a huge wound to his leg.

He was then airlifted to North Hawaii for surgery.

Apparently the water has been murky after recent rain.

This is the third reported shark on Sunday. Two teenagers were bitten in Florida, one surfing and the other wading.

All locations have been marked on the 2015 shark attack bites tracking map.

Zac Efron and the tiger shark

Actor and singer Zach Efron rode a tiger shark while visiting Hawaii.

The actor who once appeared in the cult classic Firefly, was filming his latest movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates with Workaholics star Adam DeVine when the two decided to go shark diving. 

They loaded up with Ocean Ramsey and the trio went for a snorkel dive.

During the trip Mr. Efron said “all the Galapagos sharks, the 7 to 10-foot sharks, just dive they just disappeared”.

He tells Fallon the reason is an apex predator is above them and in this case it is a 14-foot tiger shark.

The shark is heading straight toward Efron who crosses his arms in an attempt to lower his heart beat to show the shark that he is not prey.

Fallon seems to be impressed and calls Efron “the shark whisper”.

As the shark swims past, Efron hitches a ride on its dorsal fin.

Given he does not “recommend” anyone else try it.

So what are your thoughts on riding sharks?

13ft tiger shark caught in Australia

 Photo Matthew via The Northern Star

Photo Matthew via The Northern Star

A massive tiger shark has been caught off the coast of Australia by a fisherman named Matthew.
The 13ft tiger shark apparently swallowed a six foot hammerhead before it was caught.
Matthew told The Northern Star “”I was fighting the Hammerhead and he came up and swallowed it.”

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The shark was landed about three weeks ago and is now adding fuel to the debate on a limited shark cull in Australia.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald on Monday “Surfers on the NSW North Coast have overwhelmingly voted for a partial cull of sharks following an unprecedented number of attacks and sightings along the world-famous coastline.”

The New South Wales coast has been in the news due to the Mick Fanning live shark footage and several attack bites.

With the increased attention, less people are visiting the beach which is having a severe impact on the local community.

So what are your thoughts?  Should the sharks be culled?



800lbs tiger shark caught in South Carolina

Photo: Mike Huff via The Post and Courier

Photo: Mike Huff via The Post and Courier

An 800lbs 13 ft tiger shark was caught off the coast of South Carolina.

Commercial anglers Joe Morris and Mike Huff of Seasonal Seafood caught the shark on Saturday one mile off Folly Beach.

According to The Post and Courier the duo caught a 400- to 500-pound shark earlier in the night and on Monday landed an 11 foot lon 700lbs shark.

Huff said “The big one, though, had to be gutted before it could be pulled aboard and took five people to get it on the dock. She was huge.”

The meat form the sharks were sold to wholesale outlets and seafood stores.

Thankfully the tiger sharks do not appear to be any that were tagged by OCEARCH.


Sharks munching on whale carcass

Brett Verco shot some great video of sharks munching on a whale carcass in New South Wales, Australia.

YouTube Brett Verco

YouTube Brett Verco

Two tiger sharks and three great whites all dined together in Coffs Harbour.

There are some great still shots at the end of the video.


Just last month a similar situation was filmed about 45 miles of the coast of Long Beach in New York.

The location has been marked on the 2015 shark attack bites tracking map under interactions.

Direct link to the video: here

Tiger shark bites camera in Jupiter Florida

7News Boston WHDH-TV

Mike Zimmerman of Scuba Nation was on a shark encounter trip with Emerald Charters when a tiger shark decided to take a bite of his camera.

The group was off the coast of Jupiter Florida when the shark, named Alice took a likening to cameras.

Mike Zimmerman

Mike Zimmerman

Alice initially investigates the diver with the bait bucket, appearing to bump the diver’s tank and head?

Mike Zimmerman

Mike Zimmerman

She then slowly swims over to Mr. Zimmerman and takes a test bites of his camera.

Mike Zimmerman

Mike Zimmerman

Once she realizes plastic doesn’t taste that great she moves along.

Thankfully no one was injured and Mr. Zimmerman has a wild interaction caught on tape.

No word on how the camera fared, although on the plus side we know it still films.

The video was posted on the Scuba Nation Facebook page June 18.

Last weekend a diver was bitten on a shark encounter, but not much info has been released on what transpired or who he was diving with.

Direct link to the video on Facebook

Tiger shark steals camera

A tiger shark decided he was tired of all the underwater paparazzi and decided to steal a camera.

YouTube Paul and Young Ron

YouTube Paul and Young Ron

The shark snatched the $10,000 camera set up and started swimming away in the Bahamas.

YouTube Paul and Young Ron

YouTube Paul and Young Ron

The camera man tried to hang on and pull his gear from the shark’s mouth, only to be taken for a tense “shark ride”.

It appears the diver tries to roll the shark over to put it in a state of tonic immobility, which would calm the shark and allow the camera to be removed.

In the end it appears the shark won as the diver swims back to the group.

I guess the shark has a nice camera set up that might end up in his belly.

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Although if he decides not to eat it and the footage is recovered, I bet it would awesome to watch.

So if it had been you, would you have tried to get your gear back, or call it a loss?

Let us know in the comments.

Direct link to the video here.

Marked under interactions on the 2015 shark attack bites tracking map.

Tiger shark Chessie went 10 miles upriver

tiger-sharkChessie the 12ft tiger shark pinged 1o miles up Cape Fear River in North Carolina.

See the first post about her here and another tiger bumping a boat motor off NC here.

Live track her at http://www.ocearch.org/

NC tiger shark

Tiger Shark from George Frazier on Vimeo.

George Frazier got a nice surprise on a recent spearfishing trip.

The certified freediving instructor received a visit from a 12-foot tiger shark.

George Frazier

George Frazier

He was 28 miles off Beafort Inlet in North Carolina when he went down and shot a gag grouper.  Mr. Frazier then moved the boat to a group of fish and was preparing to do another dive when he saw the sharks fin.

Luckily he had a GoPro, which he was able to attach to a pole and capture the tiger on film. The massive beauty even gave a test bite to the boats motor.

After seeing the shark, he decided it would be best to abort the rest of the dive. He posted on Beyond Freediving’s Facebook page,  “This big Tiger Shark scared me out of the water Wednesday and then it tried to eat my boat, but not before I speared and boated a nice Gag Grouper. He took some paint off of that very large 300HP 4 stroke Yamaha outboard by the way.”

This is not the first time sharks have nibbled on motors.  A great white shark bit one in New Zealand and another in the Gulf of Mexico.

The location has been marked on the 2015 shark attack bites map under interactions.

Tiger shark bumps camera man

Perth Documentary filmmaker Andre Rerekura was bumped by a 13ft (4M) female tiger shark.

terra-australis-tiger-shark-0He was working with Terra Australis TV, a group of free divers who film underwater life in Western Australia.

The group had been spearfishing in 40ft waters when the encounter occurred and were able to spend around and hour and half with the sharks.

He said ‘There was no sign of aggression; they were just like big puppy dogs. I was pretty pumped and a bit nervous as well,’
According to Mr. Rerekura the tiger shark looked healthy other than a ‘stumpy dorsal fin’ from some type of injury. The massive female remained calm during the encounter.


Mr. Rerekura said ‘I didn’t feel threatened at all, though it was still nerve-racking having a big animal swim up to you, like she might do a last second charge. But no, there was no aggression…like a puppy dog of the sea. We were stoked.”

terra-australis-tiger-shark-3What an experience it must have been!!


Marked on the 2015 shark attack bites tracking map under interactions.

All images YouTube Terra Australias

Direct link to the video here

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