Last Stop for Lampiao the Tiger Shark

Lampiao_tiger_shark_1Tiger shark Lampiao was tagged on July 30, 2014 off the coast of Brazil at Fernando de Noronha.  The male weighed in at 273 pounds when he was examined by the OCEARCH team during Expedition Brazil.  The last stop for Lampiao the tiger shark was around November 20, 2015, when his transmitter began pinging at a fishing dock in Africa.  Unfortunately it appears he was caught/killed.

Last_stop_for_tiger_shark_lampiaoThis is not the first time a tagged shark has been caught/killed.  Last year Rizzilient the mako shark was caught and possibly finned off the coast of Portugal.

Beamer being tagged OCEARCH

Beamer being tagged OCEARCH

Beamer the blue shark was tagged in New York in 2013 and was caught off the coast of the coast of Costa Rica by a commercial boat that had 3,500 circle hooks and longline that ran 60 miles long.

Cate Ells, a female shark, was tagged July 13, 2014 and was caught by a commercial pelagic fisherman off the coast of New Jersey on May 30, 2015.  The mako shark traveled from New York all the way to the Turks and Caicos, and then all the way back to the United States.


Brenda the great white

In 2012, Brenda a 1,310lb great white shark, died in a gill net.

What I find shocking is that five of the 138 sharks tagged were caught/killed.  What are the odds that five tagged sharks were caught in such a huge area? It’s the ocean, it covers 80% of the world, and yet 4 sharks were caught and tagged, then caught again and eaten or sold.

To make a comparison, If I hid 138 marbles in Yellow Stone National park, how many do you think would be found?

I believe this shows we need more international cooperation to save sharks.  If we don’t do something soon, we may not have any left.

OCEARCH Expedition Gulf of Mexico

OCEARCH’s Expedition Gulf of Mexico just wrapped up and to celebrate they will be participating in a live Tweet Chat tomorrow with Finley the shark. You can tweet your questions now using the #SharksChat

Finely is a 10 ft female tiger shark that was tagged during the Gulf Expedition and can be tracked online right now.  She was tagged on November 10 and weighed 361 pounds. Since her tagging she has traveled 163 miles.

Tiger_shark_finley_OCEARCHWant to see her being tagged?

Speaking of OCEARCH, I was lucky enough to be welcomed on board their flagship by none other, than expedition leader Chris Fischer.   It was an awesome experience and one I will be sharing with you guys in the near future.  In the mean time be sure to follow Finley, tweet your questions for the #SharksChat and check out my photo from the deck of the M/V OCEARCH.



OCEARCH Completing Expedition in Gulf of Mexico


OCEARCH and The Harte Research Institute had a rough start for #ExpeditionGoMex. Hurricane Patricia, the strongest land falling Pacific hurricane on record, delayed them team from their Gulf of Mexico tagging trip.

The teams were able to wait out the storm though, and headed into the gulf  in the research vessel M/V OCEARCH.  The 126 foot former crab boat has been converted into a shark tagging mega ship, with a submersible platform capable of lifting 75,000 pounds out of the water.


Sharks are caught using rod and reel from a chase boat. Larger sharks are then lured to the M/V OCEARCH’s platform.  There they are slowly lifted out of the water and a black towel placed upon their eyes, which helps comfort the fish during its 15 minute medical exam.

Fire hoses are used to pump water over the gills to ensure the shark continues to have fresh oxygen. The science team then jumps into action taking blood samples, ultra sounds and placing electronic SPOT (Smart Position and Temperature) tags on the shark’s dorsal fin.

The tags send live GPS data every time the dorsal fin breaks the surface allowing the general public to live track the shark’s movement on OCEARCH’s website.  In addition the tags provide valuable insight of the shark’s behavior which includes water temperature and records diving depths.


Joseph gets tagged

During Expedition Gulf of Mexico (#ExpeditionGoMex) the groups were able to tag  10ft 372 lb tiger shark Joseph, named after a Texas town, and a seven-foot hammerhead shark named Buddy after the singer Buddy Holly. Another tiger shark has been given the name of Finley and a second hammerhead shark was named Wyatt. The newly tagged sharks join two others who were previously tagged, tiger sharks Sam Houston and Madeline.

Now that there are new sharks in the fold, researchers will be able to learn more about the shark’s reproductive habits, migrations and how they interact with the local reef system.

OCEARCH_tiger_shark_JosephSo what are you waiting for, go track some sharks!!

The OCEARCH app is available for download on IOS and Android on the web at

Tiger shark released from net

A tiger shark has been released from a shark net in South Africa.

The shark was attempting to feed on a humpback whale carcass that had become entangled in the net.  As the shark was feeding it too became trapped in the net and would have suffocated if it had not been released.

Once the shark was cut free it appeared to glide to the bottom, but there was some tale movement, so it may have lived.

Shark nets are controversial as the often catch sea turtles, nurse sharks and other docile sea creatures.

Just this week a baby humpback had to be rescued in Australia when it became entangled in shark net.

In addition sharks can swim through holes in the net which defeats the purpose of having the nets.

3D tiger shark

Badass GIF by reddit’s DrRhymes

10-year-old bitten by shark in Hawaii


Raymond Senensi was bitten by a shark Wednesday in Hawaii.

The body border was 50- 60 yards out when he was bitten on the right leg.

Life guards were to pull the 10-year-old back to shore, where they administered first aid for puncture wounds and a gash to his leg.


The incident occurred along Oahu’s western shore off Makaha beach.

This is the third reported attack bite in Oahu and the seventh overall in Hawaii.

The shark was reported to be 6 feet long  with gray and white markings.

Tiger sharks are the most likely species to have been involved.

The location has been marked on the 2015 shark attack bites tracking map.

Editor’s note: I fractured my elbow, so the site updates and twitter have been on the light side.

Serious shark bite in Hawaii

Colin Cook was severely injured and lost his leg to a shark in Hawaii on Friday.

A school of fish began jumping out of the water near the 25-year-old as he was sitting on his surfboard off Leftovers Beach in Oahu. A shark, probably tiger, came from underneath and bit his legs.  Mr. Cook fought back and the shark left.  He was able to paddle to another surfer near by who assisted him to the shore.

Colin Cook

Colin Cook

Friends, family and other beach goers began giving first aid, tying a surf leash around his badly damaged leg. Apparently the 10-12 ft shark took most of Cooks leg below the knee. He never lost consciousness during the ordeal and is currently in stable condition.

Last month another man was bitten by a tiger shark in Hawaii and posted a video of his wounds as he was being taken for help.

The location has been marked on the 2015 shark bites attack tracking map.


Tiger shark bite in Hawaii

Braxton Rocha YouTube

Braxton Rocha YouTube

A man been bitten by a tiger shark off the northern tip of the Big Island in Hawaii on Sunday.

John Braxton was spearfishing off Upolu Pointin when he was bitten on the left upper leg by a 13ft tiger shark.

The 27-year-old was able to swim to shore and a friend called 911.

A (graphic)video filmed* by Mr. Rocha shows a huge wound to his leg.

He was then airlifted to North Hawaii for surgery.

Apparently the water has been murky after recent rain.

This is the third reported shark on Sunday. Two teenagers were bitten in Florida, one surfing and the other wading.

All locations have been marked on the 2015 shark attack bites tracking map.

Zac Efron and the tiger shark

Actor and singer Zach Efron rode a tiger shark while visiting Hawaii.

The actor who once appeared in the cult classic Firefly, was filming his latest movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates with Workaholics star Adam DeVine when the two decided to go shark diving. 

They loaded up with Ocean Ramsey and the trio went for a snorkel dive.

During the trip Mr. Efron said “all the Galapagos sharks, the 7 to 10-foot sharks, just dive they just disappeared”.

He tells Fallon the reason is an apex predator is above them and in this case it is a 14-foot tiger shark.

The shark is heading straight toward Efron who crosses his arms in an attempt to lower his heart beat to show the shark that he is not prey.

Fallon seems to be impressed and calls Efron “the shark whisper”.

As the shark swims past, Efron hitches a ride on its dorsal fin.

Given he does not “recommend” anyone else try it.

So what are your thoughts on riding sharks?

13ft tiger shark caught in Australia

 Photo Matthew via The Northern Star

Photo Matthew via The Northern Star

A massive tiger shark has been caught off the coast of Australia by a fisherman named Matthew.
The 13ft tiger shark apparently swallowed a six foot hammerhead before it was caught.
Matthew told The Northern Star “”I was fighting the Hammerhead and he came up and swallowed it.”

Related: 800lbs tiger shark caught of South Carolina.

The shark was landed about three weeks ago and is now adding fuel to the debate on a limited shark cull in Australia.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald on Monday “Surfers on the NSW North Coast have overwhelmingly voted for a partial cull of sharks following an unprecedented number of attacks and sightings along the world-famous coastline.”

The New South Wales coast has been in the news due to the Mick Fanning live shark footage and several attack bites.

With the increased attention, less people are visiting the beach which is having a severe impact on the local community.

So what are your thoughts?  Should the sharks be culled?



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