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  • Spearfisherman pets tiger shark

    Rick Trippe, from Darwin Australia, was out spearfishing when he was visited by a tiger shark yesterday at Bass Reef.

    He did not feel threatened by the shark and reached out to touch its tale.

    Feeling that the shark meant him no harm, he reached out again touching the 6ft shark.

    Luckily the shark was passive.

    Sharks are still wild and things can get hairy very quickly as this diver nearly found out.

    Direct link to the video Here


  • OCEARCH, Tiger Sharks & Australia

    Tiger Shark in the Bahamas ©Albert Kok
    Tiger Shark in the Bahamas ©Albert Kok

    OCEARCH will be in Australia looking for Tiger Sharks with shark experts from the University of Western Australia later this month.

    During the three-week expedition the crew hopes to land 20 mature tigers to tag and collect scientific data.

    They plan to start in mid-April at Broome and then head to Rowley Shoals, Ningaloo Reef, Shark Bay, the Abrolhos Islands and then finish in Perth.

    Chris Fischer, founder of OCEARCH told Perth Now “What we’ve found when we work around the world is that when you tag these sharks and you open-source the tracking, it gives people things to talk about other than, ‘Oh my God, a shark is within 300 meters of the beach’ or another shark attack.”

    He may be correct; one of OCEARCH most loved sharks Lydia has amassed 12.6 followers on Twitter.

    Unfortunately, The Australian Fishers Department has only made an exemption for the catching of tiger sharks and rejected an application to catch and tag white sharks.

    Instead the Australian authorities have fitted 80 sharks with acoustic transmitters that ping when the shark swims within 400 meters of an acoustic receiver.

    The government also implemented a controversial cull program last year. During a three-month trial 172 sharks were caught.

    Twenty of the sharks were found dead on the lines, 14 of which were under the 10 ft requirement, fifty sharks over ten feet were shot and killed, even though they were not the targeted great whites.

    A total of 90 were found alive and under the 10 ft requirement, so they were tagged and released.

    Mr. Fischer said “When you see what’s going on in Australia with various forms of management of the sharks, it just seems like everyone is operating in this really intense mode of fear.”

    Editors note*

    In my opinion the Fishers department should jump at the chance to have OCEARCH tag white sharks.  I have wondered if they are concerned tourism may take a hit if people can see where white sharks are swimming.  What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

  • Snorkeler bitten by Tiger Shark


    Dr. Grasing Photo Dove Press
    Dr. Grasing Photo Dove Press

    Dr. Ken Grasing, was snorkeling in Hawaii on Wednesday when he was bitten by a 10-to-12-foot shark.

    He and a large group were in around 4 ft of water and about 20 yards offshore on the south end of Hapuna Beach when the incident occurred.

    The 58 year-old had lacerations to his left thigh and sever cuts to his left forearm.

    He was taken to The Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu  for treatment.

    Lifeguard Paul Tucker told KMBC-TV “There was commotion in the water and we responded. Initially we didn’t know what happened, then we saw bystanders dragging him in.”

    The shark was tracked for an hour A Hawaii County Fire Department helicopter confirmed seeing stripes on the sharks back as they tracked for about an hour as it cruised just outside the surf line.

    Special Operations Battalion Chief Gerald Kosaki told West Hawaii Today “This was an unusual case where the shark went away and came back.”

    The location has been marked on the 2015 shark bites attack tracking map

  • Free diver nearly bitten by Tiger Shark

    I don’t know much about the clip, but according to Beqa Adventure Divers it was filmed at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas.

    It appears the shark makes three snaps at the free diver.
    Once at his head

    Photo: ROFFS YouTube



    the second as he is getting out of the way

    Photo: ROFFS YouTube


    and the third toward his arm.

    Photo: ROFFS YouTube


    While the shark isn’t acting in a super aggressive manner, had the shark’s mouth actually made contact with the diver, it could have easily been fatal.  Thankfully the diver was able to see the shark and move out of the way.

    If more info becomes available, I will update the post.

    Direct link to the video: here



  • Tiger Sharks eating song birds??

    Dr. Drymon
    Dr. Drymon needs support to help protect sharks.

    Dr. Marcus Drymon from the University of South Alabama and Dauphin Island Sea Lab wants to find out how Tiger Sharks are making a meal of backyard song birds.

    Since 2010 he has been finding bird remains in the stomachs of tiger sharks, which is strange because the remains  are not seagulls or pelicans, but land-based songbirds, woodpeckers, and even doves.  One theory is the birds may be attracted to the night lights on oil rigs and then are unable to make their way back to land.

    As Principal Investigator for the University of South Alabama’s Shark Research Program, Dr. Drymon has an idea on how to solve this mystery-by tracking sharks.  He is hoping to raise $6,800 to purchase four satellite spot tags which will be attached to find of tiger sharks in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

    The tags will ping every time the tag breaks the surface, and if it nears an oil rig, it could be a clue as to how the birds are becoming snacks. The top four donors will be able to name a shark, and will have access to that shark’s movements for the duration of the tag’s life.  All funds raised will go directly toward the purchase of the tags.

    Ultimately, a better understanding of the tiger shark’s diet will aid in the formatting of a more effective conservation and management plan.

    “Recent estimates suggest that the global biomass of predatory fish has declined by two thirds over the past 100 years. Understanding the diet of apex predators such as tiger sharks is critical for their management, and for predicting how changes in their populations will impact the resilience of the ecosystems they occupy.”

    To donate and watch an informative video by Dr. Drymon visit: https://experiment.com/projects/how-do-backyard-birds-end-up-in-tiger-sharks-stomachs

    Drymon HH
    Dr. Drymon examines a hammerhead shark

  • Bahamas shark bite victim press conference

    Lacey Webb Martin was bitten by a shark earlier this month in the Bahamas.

    The bite wound was about the “size of a large pizza” according to Dr. Andrew Rosenthal.

    At first I assumed a Tiger Shark was most likely the culprit, however several news agency are reporting it was an 8 to 10 ft Bull shark.

    Part of a tooth was found in the wound, which may clarify exactly what type of shark it was.

    She said it was “by Gods miracle”; a bite that big with up to 8 pounds of flesh being removed and it just might be a miracle.

    I am still impressed she had the presence of mind to alert her husband and swim back to the boat.

    I assume the rest of her GoPro footage is being kept private, although I would like to know if it actually shows the shark.

    It probably doesn’t as she said “I was hit from behind” or she may wish to licensee the footage to a documentary media outlet.

    Either way, she doesn’t blame the shark and plans to get back in the water. Kudos for that!!

    We wish her a speedy recovery.


    Screen cap from GoPro footage right before the bite occurred
    Screen cap from GoPro footage right before the bite occurred

    Random Thoughts

    The visibility in of the water seems pretty poor, so it could be the shark was doing a test bite on something it could not identify.

    Since she was 15 ft from the boat, it seems like the shark could have came back and taken her had it wanted to.

    What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

  • Shark kills dolphin

    Photos of an eleven foot shark(possibly a Tiger) killing a dolphin off Burwood beach in Australia are on The Daily Telegraph


    Peter Lorimer
    Peter Lorimer

    A 16ft white shark has been spotted multiple times in the same area.

    Weighing in at an estimated 3747 lbs, sightings of the shark have kept the beach closed for 6 days.

  • Tiger shark munches on whale

    Click link below for video
    Click link below for video

    A humpback whale expired off the New South Wales southern coast. A family was able to capture some nifty underwater shots of a shark grabbing a free meal while helping clean up the ocean. I like how the shark goes horizontal, using its weight for a better bite.

    Link to video 1 The better of the two

    Link 2 Ariel shot.

  • Woman bitten by shark in Bahamas

    Lacey_webb_martinUpdated: 1/14/15

    Lacey Webb Martin was snorkeling* in the Bahamas Monday when she was bitten by a shark.

    The 34 year old Dallas woman was celebrating her anniversary with husband Britt on their annual trip to Abaco Island.

    The couple were snorkeling in around 8ft of water off Tahiti Beach when an eight-foot shark  bit her back.

    A tooth was left in the would which was originally thought to be from a tiger shark.  KYTX reports it may be from a great white.

    Britt Martin told Local 10 “She was so calm that I thought she was kidding,” “So I swam over there and she pulled herself up on the boat and she was missing half her back.”

    Thankfully she was able to receive medical assistance fairly quickly.

    “We pulled her up on the boat and just wrapped her in a tourniquet with towels and, luckily, there was a doctor on one of the other boats from New York and she came over and they radioed the medics.”

    She was flown to Memorial Regional Hospital for treatment, where she will be hospitalized for at least three weeks.

    “You know, you hear about it on TV, but you just never think, ‘Hey, this could happen to us on vacation,” Mr. Martin said.
    Mr. Webb added “She didn’t scream; the doctor said that’s what kept her alive.”

    Please keep Mrs. Martin in your thoughts and prayers.

    This is the third bite/attack of 2015.

    The location has been added to the 2015 shark bites attack tracking map.


  • Jawzall a sawzall with shark teeth

    Katherine Corn a Cornell University undergraduate and her colleagues attached sharks teeth to sawzall creating a jawzall to test  shark teeth.

    A sawzall has a reciprocating blade used to cut just about anything.

    The team took 10 teeth each from a sandbar shark, a sixgill shark, a silky shark and a tiger shark, they then used epoxy to attach them to individual blades.

    The saw with teeth blade was then placed on chum salmon in attempt to replicate the sharks back and forth head motion used while attacking prey.

    The results showed that teeth dulled fairly quickly and may be the reason sharks have rapid tooth replacement and affected the amount of food they consume.

    Given the speed of the saw seems much faster than the shake of a sharks head, and the pressure applied was allot less than the pressure of an actual  shark bite.

    Regardless this is a very cool study.

    Just in case you’re wondering the tiger sharks teeth were the deadliest, breaking the salmon’s spine in 6 cuts.

    You can see a video of the Jawzall in action HERE

    Unfortunately it doesn’t show the results.