Watch: Inside view of a bull shark’s mouth after it steals camera

bull shark parasites

Raymond Pascoe had his GoPro camera for 5 days when he stuck it in the water off in North Queensland, Australia. He and his partner were enjoying the day, taking a break from fishing, to hand-feed gentle lemon sharks in the crystal-clear water. Pascoe slid his camera below the surface to catch all the underwater action. Eventually, the video shows the lemon sharks swim away as a group of bull sharks come into view. One bull shark thinks the camera might be food, then approaches and takes a bite. The…

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*Graphic* Video: Man bitten by nurse shark that won’t let go

2017 shark attack bite off Marathon City_Ervin Maccarty

Video is now available that shows a man bitten by a nurse shark that refused to release its bite. Ervin McCarty was snorkeling with a group of six people near Marathon City in the Florida Keys September 2, when one member of the group shot a grouper. Unfortunately, the grouper was lodged in a hole in 10-foot deep water. Since he is skilled at removing fish from holes, the captain asked McCarty to dive down and retrieve the fish. Once McCarty made it to the bottom, a nurse shark shot…

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*Graphic* Surfer bitten by shark in Lake Worth Florida


A surfer was bitten by a shark in Lake Worth, Florida September 24. The unidentified man was carried by a wave into a school of fish around 10 feet away from the Lake Worth Pier. Witnesses saw an 8 to 10-foot long shark that had been feeding on the fish, bite the man’s arm. Lifeguards and fellow surfers were able to assist the man back to shore around 2 p.m. and administer first aid. “A few surfers that are from here, whose names I won’t mention, really rescued the guy and one…

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Watch great white shark off Florida coast

Divers recently got the shark show of a lifetime when they witnessed a great white shark off the Florida coast. Stacey Tucker flew from Arizona to have a chance to dive with sharks off the coast of Jupiter August 22. Tucker and the group had just finished their first dive and were headed to the sunken tanker ship Esso Bonaire III. The Bonaire rests 90 feet under the surface and is known to host both nurse and lemon sharks. As Tucker was filming several lemon sharks, a fellow diver alerted…

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Video: Great White Serial Killer Lives?


Jimi Partington of Shark Diving Xperts was recently featured on the Shark Week episode Great White Serial Killer Lives. In one of the week’s most harrowing moments, Jimi reached out to move a curious great white shark away from a platform and got a very close look inside the shark’s mouth. We reached out to ask him what it was like to be part of Shark Week, and find out how close he really came to losing his arm. First, I have to ask, what’s up with the title Great…

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Watch: Spearfisherman fights off sharks to keep fish


A spearfisherman had a daunting encounter with sharks while diving off Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean. A member of The Adventure Club, a New Zealand based duo that enjoys hunting and spearfishing, was floating in the water when two sharks began chasing a yellowfin tuna. The sharks chased the tuna directly into the path of the diver’s pole spear and the battle began. The diver struck the fish with the pole and it began fluttering in the water. However, one of the sharks was still on a direct…

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Full video: Mako shark jumps onto boat

The 13-year-old angler was off Long Island, New York when he hooked a large mako shark. During the battle to land the shark, it jumped and landed on the bow of the fishing boat, and as it flopped on the deck, it became lodged between the guard rails. The Outlaw Fishing Charters crew group then had to find a way to get the estimated 180-pound shark back into the water. Eventually, they tied a rope to the shark’s tail and lowered it back into the ocean. As the shark entered…

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