Video: Two rare megamouth sharks found, one alive!

Video_rare_Megamouth_shark_Hiroyuki Arakawa_Facebook

Two rare megamouth shark findings have been reported in 2017. The two would up the previous know sighting number from 61 to 63. The first specimen was found dead at the Misamis Oriental, a region in the Northern Mindanao of the Philippines.  The shark had washed onto the shoreline of Barangay Baluarte May 1. The nearly 10-foot (3m) long shark was approximately 5-feet (1.5m) wide and weighed in at an estimated 1,322 pounds (600kg). Unfortunately, the rare shark was buried in an effort to keep residents from eating it. It…

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Video: Fisherman battles great white shark over net?


Video showing a fisherman battle a great white shark has been shared on social media. David Wilks was fishing with his son Nic off the coast of Port Pirie, South Australia in December. The commercial fisherman ran into a little snag as he pulled a section of net up. An estimated 10-foot great white shark had bit part of the net and would not let go. The shark had originally swum into the net to dine on the freshly caught snapper. Since great white sharks are a protected species, Wilks…

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Video: Blacktip Shark nearly bites snorkeler’s fins

Video showing the moment a blacktip shark nearly bites a snorkeler’s fins has been shared on Instagram. David Diez was filming his girlfriend, Helen Palacios, who was snorkeling off the coast of West Palm Beach March 22 when he caught the interaction with his drone. Palacios was blissfully unaware that a small blacktip shark was eying her fins as a possible meal. “What I think happened was the shark confused her fins for a fish . . . ,” Diez posted on Instagram. A post shared by daviddiez (@daviddiez) on…

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Video: Large Shark migration off a Florida beach

Florida Shark Migration

Drone footage of a shark migration off a Florida beach has been shared on YouTube. The video, posted on February 10, shows hundreds of sharks swimming off the coast near the Fort Pierce Inlet to Vero Beach.   Jason Griffeth, who filmed the video, said he originally planned on filming boats, then saw the surfers and decided to have a closer look. That’s when he saw the sharks. Most of the sharks are thought to have been blacktips, however some shots of the video indicates there might be larger species swimming…

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Bull shark attacks in slow motion

Kerry Daniel_bull_shark_attack_slow_motion

Danny Henricks has shared his video of a bull shark attack in slow motion Henricks was spearfishing for food near the Great Barrier Reef earlier this year when he was charged by a male bull shark. The 35-year-old said he had not speared any fish and there was no blood in the water. As he was driving down, he spotted the shark on the edge of the channel. “It’s not uncommon for sharks to come at you . . . size you up to see if you’re an easy meal,…

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Great white shark filmed off Florida Coast

Corey Embree_great_white_shark_Florida_Juno_Beach

A great white shark has been filmed off the Florida coast. Dive master Corey Embree was with Calypso Dive Charters when they traveled 3 miles (5km) off the coast of Juno Beach to shark dive on January 1. The group began chumming the waters to attract sharks to the dive site known as the Lemon Drop. After they dropped in a chum box, they jumped in the water descending down to around 80 feet. The group saw several nurse sharks and few lemon sharks just before the great white shark…

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Videos: Sharks Love Spearfishermen

Great_white_shark_Spearfishing reviews

Sharks love spearfishermen, well to be more specific, sharks love speared fish. Sharks are smart and love free meals. Speared fish sends out electrical impulses that sharks detect with their sensitive snouts. Once the sharks feel the impulses it will begin to investigate. Add a little blood and sharks are in pure hunting mode. They know a meal is just a bite away. Spearfishing Reviews features a group of people who love spearfishing and their goal is to help point both novice and professional spearfishers to the right gear. They…

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