Watch: Encounters with great white sharks in California

great white shark New Brighton State Beach

Several videos of encounters with great white sharks in California have been shared online recently. The first encounter was shared by Bonnie Brown who filmed a large great white swimming near her boat July 12. Brown was off New Brighton State Beach on Monterey Bay, which is near Santa Cruz, on a 22-foot boat when she spotted nine white sharks. She was able to submerge her GoPro camera and filmed a large white shark as it investigated the camera. “These sharks may have a menacing grin, but they don’t deserve…

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Video: sharks feeding on baitballs

Three videos have been recently published that show large numbers of sharks feeding on bait balls in Australia. The first video was filmed by Annette Hill off Australia’s Gold Coast near Coolangatta. Hill and her partner Scott were out enjoying a day of jet skiing when they spotted seagulls diving into the water.   Yesterday out on the jetski near Cooly. Wondered what the seagulls were up to & found them and lots of sharks feeding off a ball of bait fish Posted by Annette Hill on Sunday, May 21,…

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Video: Fisherman bitten on the arm by tiger shark

2017 shark attack bite Wrightsville Beach North Carolina

A fisherman was bitten on the arm by a shark June 29. The unidentified man was helping land a small tiger shark at the Wrightsville Beach pier in North Carolina. The man got into the waist deep water and grabbed the fishing line in an attempt to pull the shark to shore. Once he got close to the shark, he appears to reach out to grab the shark’s tail. The roughly 4-foot-long shark turned and bit the man on his right forearm. The man quickly exited the water holding his…

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Video: Sharks in the shallows at Okaloosa Island, Florida

Stephanie Stevens Adcock_Okaloosa Island_Beach_sharks_2017

Stephanie Stevens Adcock was visiting Okaloosa Island near Fort Walton beach June 26, when she and other beachgoers got some toothy visitors. Around 3:30 p.m. a group of sharks, possibly bulls, showed up and made their way into knee-deep water as they chased bait fish. The sharks looked to be around 5- to 7-feet in length, and nearly beached themselves while feeding on the small prey. As Ms. Adcock filmed the event, those on the beach seemed to be amazed by the sight. One female beachgoer even walked within a…

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Sharks filmed off beaches in Panama City, Coco Beach and Gulf Shores


Several videos of sharks coming near the beaches in Panama City and Coco Beach, Fla., and Gulf Shores, Ala., have been shared on social media. The first report comes June 1 from Alicia Dufrene, who was on her balcony in Panama City when she spotted a hammerhead shark swimming in circles near shore.  She was able to film the 4- to 5-foot shark as it left the shallows, about 20 feet from the beach. Dufrene shared her video with the shark reporting app Dorsal, and said the shark “zig-zagged in…

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Video 15 foot Great white shark in 3 feet of water

2017-15-foot-great-white-shark-shallow-waters-pearson-brothers-dale Pearson

A 15 foot great white shark has been filmed in 3 feet of water off the coast of Mexico. The Pearson brothers spotted the shark in the Sea of Cortez and shared the video on June 3. The two were able to get a close up view of the sharks back and saw two injuries. They theorized that the shark was hit by a propeller and due to the injury; the shark was now forced to hunt stingrays in the shallow water. While they did say the shark was bleeding…

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Video: Two rare megamouth sharks found, one alive!

Video_rare_Megamouth_shark_Hiroyuki Arakawa_Facebook

Two rare megamouth shark findings have been reported in 2017. The two would up the previous know sighting number from 61 to 63. The first specimen was found dead at the Misamis Oriental, a region in the Northern Mindanao of the Philippines.  The shark had washed onto the shoreline of Barangay Baluarte May 1. The nearly 10-foot (3m) long shark was approximately 5-feet (1.5m) wide and weighed in at an estimated 1,322 pounds (600kg). Unfortunately, the rare shark was buried in an effort to keep residents from eating it. It…

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