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resize_keep_fin_alive Fin is a soft shark on a mission to spread awareness of the catastrophic decline in

shark populations due to overfishing, finning, shark fishing tournaments, bycatch and longlining. offers detailed photographs of sharks taken by shark advocate and conservationist George T. Probst.



Argos is a pioneer satellite-based system which has been operating since 1978. The Argos system collects data from

Platform Terminal Transmitters, PTTs,and distributes sensor and location data to the final users.


all_five_oceansAll Five Oceans is a website about geography, economy and other facts about the oceans and seas of our world.


Dorsal Shark AlertsDorsal is a free community based shark alert  that allows beachgoers and authorities to immediately alert others to shark sightings or attacks in their area.

For Android and IOS

shark-trustSafeguarding the future of sharks through positive change


ham1bShark Year Magazine

shark-byteShark Bytes app: On Android On iOS On Twitter


 Lesley_rochat_logoLesley Rochat Shark Warrior:


save_our_sharksSave Our Sharks:

shark_angels_logoShark Angels:


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  1. AhMad

    I really like what you guys are up too keep up the wonderful works

  2. Hey KMac,

    We follow your site, great work by the way 🙂

    We have a public alert system in place for Australia, which takes all official sightings and public sightings and pushes them to the user base. Can be accessed via links below:


  3. Hi if you want to see the greatest website for french shark Lover go visiting this site

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