Bodyboarder killed in shark attack

Adrie Dubosc was killed in a shark attack off La Réunion Island, Saint Leu in the Indian Ocean April 29. The 29-year-old was with two friend off Pointe au Sel, near Saint-Leu on the west coast of the island which is an area where water sports are reportedly baned. Shortly after 11 a.m. Dubosc was bitten in the groin area of his right thigh. He was pulled out of the water and was treated on scene for around 30 minutes to an hour before expiring. Mr. Dubosc was part of…

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Teenage girl has died after being bitten by a shark


A teenage girl has died after being bitten by a shark in Western Australia on April 17. Laeticia Brouwer was surfing with her father just before 4 p.m. at Kelp Beds near Wylie Bay in Esperance when she was said to have been drug under water when her left leg was bitten off at the hip by a suspected great white shark. According to 7 News Perth reports, the 17-year-old’s mother and two sisters saw the attack from the beach. Brouwer’s father and another teen were able to take Brouwer…

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Fatal shark attack at Reunion Island


A bodyboarder was killed in a shark attack at Reunion Island February 21 after the area waters of Saint-Andre were closed at 9:30 a.m. to Indian Ocean goers.   The man, identified as Alexandre Naussac, was bitten on his thigh while boarding with a group in the shallow murky water.  His femoral artery was severed, and he lost a substantial amount of blood. A rescue helicopter was dispatched to the scene, but Naussac expired before being pulled from the water. The 26-year-old was said to have been a shark lookout…

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