Bull shark bite reported in Coral Bay


A bull shark bite has been reported near Coral Bay, Western Australia. A woman was snorkeling around 10 a.m. February 26 when she was bitten on the hand by a 5-foot (1.5m) bull shark. She was approximately 66 feet (20m) offshore of Point Maud when she was bitten. The unidentified woman was able to swim back to shore where she received first aid at a nurse’s station before being transported for secondary care, which reportedly included stitches. The shark bite was reported February 27, and Fisheries officers are investigating the…

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Spearfisherman severely injured by a shark

Brian Cassey_2017_shark_attack

A spearfisherman has been severely injured by a shark in off Hinchinbrook Island in northern Queensland, Australia. Glenn Dickson had just jumped into the water from a rock when he was bitten several times by what was possibly a bull or tiger shark on February 17. Friends of the 26-year-old heard his screams and quickly pulled him from the water. Dickson was bitten several times on the leg and was rapidly losing blood. One of his friends, who is an ex-serviceman and is trained in first aid, tied a tourniquet…

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Diver mauled by a shark off Queensland

A freediver has been mauled by a shark off the coast of Queensland, Australia on January 21. Craig de Witwas was diving in roughly 49 feet (15m) deep water around 60 nautical miles east of Murray Island when he was bitten from behind by a 13-foot (4m) bull shark at 12:40 p.m. The 55-year-old had lacerations on his left bicep, stomach, chest and right hand. Mr. Witwas was able to swim back to his vessel, the Golden Dawn. Crew members helped him out of the water and an off-duty paramedic administered…

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Man bitten by a shark in Queensland

Flaggy Rock_Queensland_shark_attack_bite_Location

A man reportedly has been bitten by a shark in Queensland. The 57-year-old was swimming near Flaggy Rock when he was bitten on the hand before 1:30 p.m. January 13. Paramedics responded to the scene near Clairview, which is south of Mackay, and transported the man to the Sarina Hospital & Primary Health Care Centre. The unidentified man was later discharged from the hospital. There have been a total of 4 shark attack bites in 2017, none were fatal; 1 was reported in the US, with 1 occurring in Florida….

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Video: Bull Shark Charges a Diver

Kerry Daniel_bull_shark_attack_2017_New_south_wales_video_Great_Barrier_reef

A newly posted video shows the moment a bull shark charges a diver near the Great Barrier Reef. Danny Henricks was on an annual spearfishing trip on a channel in the northern most tip of Queensland when he encountered an aggressive bull shark. The 35-year-old had just swum away from the group when he spotted the shark. Henricks, an experienced spear fisherman, has seen sharks before. Often a shark will sneak in and snatch a freshly-caught fish off the line. However, this encounter was different. Henricks watched the shark as…

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Snorkeler Bitten by a Shark in Bundegi

Snorkeler Bitten by a Shark in Bundegi Sanctuary Zone

A snorkeler has been bitten by a shark in Bundegi’s Sanctuary Zone on December 24. The unidentified female was bitten on the buttocks while visiting the sanctuary near Exmouth. She was in 16 feet (5m) deep water around 765 to 1094 yards (700 to 1000m) from shore when the incident occurred. The small shark bit her gluteus maximus and the woman quickly exited the water. She was taken to shore and then went to Exmouth Hospital for treatment. There have been a total of 99 shark attack bites in 2016….

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Video: Great White Shark Bumps Spearfisherman

Great White Shark Bumps Spear fisherman

A video has been published that appears to show a great white shark bumping into a spearfisherman. Ash Gibb heard that a great white shark had been sighted off Lucky Bay, which is east of Esperance in Western Australia. The Kalgoorlie-based filmmaker decided to take a peek and shoot a few fish at the same time. Gibb dove down to film a fish at about 16-feet-deep (5m). As he followed the fish, a slight thump can be heard on the footage. Then, the great white shark comes into frame after…

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Shark nets have been deployed on five beaches in Australia

dead whale cuaght in net

Shark nets have been deployed on five beaches on Australia’s far North Coast. The department of Primary Industries (DPI) confirmed that the nets were now in place. According to the DPI the nets are placed off shore 1640 feet (500m) from the shore in water that is around 32-39 feet (10-12m) deep. The shark nets do not create a fully enclosed area or barrier, and have a gap at the top around 13 feet (4m) from the top of the net to the surface. The current plan is to have…

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Fisherman Bitten by a Shark in Merimbula *Graphic*

Jesse Phillips shark bite blurred

A fisherman has been bitten by a shark in Merimbula, New South Wales. Jesse Phillips had hooked a 6-foot (2m) shark around 2 a.m. December 6 and was reeling it in when the shark fought back. As the 20-year-old was attempting to pull the shark into shore it flipped around and clamped onto Phillips’ right hand. The suspected wobbygong shark did not want to let go, and as Phillips attempted to pry the shark’s mouth open, he sustained injury to the thumb and pinky finger of his left hand. Phillips’…

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Shark Attack: Surfer bitten by a Great White shark

surf board bitten by great white shark

A surfer has been bitten by a great white shark off the New South Wales Mid North Coast. On December 1* Colin Rowland was in the water off Seven Mile Beach in the Booti Booti National park around 9:20 a.m. local time when the incident occurred. The 65-year-old suffered puncture wounds to his foot and right arm. Even though his surf board was broken in half and had a large bite mark in it, Rowland was able to swim back to shore. He was treated on the beach before being…

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