Surfer bitten by shark in Brazil Ricardo Ferrari Bulhoes


A surfer was bitten by a shark in Brazil January 12. Ricardo Ferrari Bulhoes was visiting the islands of Fernando de Noronha located around 220 miles off the Brazilian coast. He was surfing at Conceicao Beach in the late afternoon when he fell into the water and felt something pulling and generating pressure on his left arm. The 20-year-old said it didn’t hurt, but he was bleeding, and was able to make it back to shore. A local tour guide saw his wound and took him to Hospital Sao Lucas…

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Video:Tourist grabbed a shark for a selfie and got bitten

grabbed a shark for a selfie and got bitten

A tourist grabbed a shark for a selfie and got bitten near Fernando de Noronha on Brazil’s northeast coast. The naive young woman was at Baia do Sueste Beach February 6 when she spotted the shark in the surf at the marine park. The 35-year-old grabbed the young sharkling out of the water and held on to it as it thrashed around. Undeterred, the woman, only identified as J.B.M., fought to keep her grip. However, the shark pup fought for its life and latched onto the woman’s right hand. J.B.M.…

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Teen bitten by a shark pup

Arthur Andrade_2017_shark_attack_bite_brazil

A teen has been bitten by a shark pup in the South Zone of Recife, Brazil. Arthur Andrade was swimming around 1:30 p.m. on January 24 in front of the Atlante Plaza Hotel. Apparently signs are posted warning of sharks. The 21-year-old was in waist deep water as the tide began going out when he noticed a strange movement in the water.  He hurriedly began swimming toward the beach, but was bitten on his right hand. The young surfer realized he had sustained a small bite on his ring finger…

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Tourist Bitten by a Shark in Brazil


On December 30, a tourist was bitten by a shark in Brazil around 2 p.m. local time. The Paulo Campos was in the surf zone with his 7-year old son at Lion’s Beach when he was bitten on the left leg. The water was cloudy and the 4-foot (1.2m) shark, believed to be a small lemon, grabbed Campo’s calf. After the musician punched the shark, it released his leg and swam away. The 49-year-old had superficial injuries and was taken to the hospital by family members. The wound appeared to…

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Fisherman Killed by a Shark

A fisherman was killed by a shark November 15 off the coast of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Linaldo Gaudino de Brito was attempting to pull the shark off a fishing line or net around 10 a.m. when he was bitten on the calf. The 32-year-old was aboard the German Pescados, an industrial fishing vessel located about 205 miles (330km) away from the coast of Rio Grande do Sul when the incident occurred.  Crewmates attempted to stop the man’s bleeding and contacted the Brazilian Navy by radio. Unfortunately, Navy rescue…

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Swimmer Bitten By Shark in Brazil

Rafael Hermes Thomas was off Estalerio Beach in Brazil when he was bitten by a shark Tuesday. The 41-year-old had just jumped in the shallow water when the shark bit him. He told the Santa Catarina “I went into the sea, took a dive and felt a bite on the head. She bit and let go. *” Mr. Hermes traveling companion came to his aid and saw a large gray 5 to 6 foot shark. Once the two exited the water, Hermes was taken to the Ruth Cardoso Hospital. Jules…

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Snorkeler Loses Arm to Shark

A snorkeler was bitten by a tiger shark in Brazil on Monday. Marcio de Castro Palma da Silva was diving the protected marine reserve off Brazil’s northeastern coast of Fernando de Noronha at a beach called Baia do Sueste when he was bitten. The tiger shark severed the 32-year-old’s right arm near the elbow. Mr. Silva’s wife began crying for help in Portuguese. Barney Lankester-Owen heard her cries and rushed into the water.   “I swam out as fast as I could to him and saw just how bad he…

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