*Graphic* Miami shark attack bite victim shares his story

2017 shark attack bite Haulover Beach Miami Florida Elvin Lanza_pix

Elvin Lanza was swimming off Haulover Beach in Miami, Florida July 9 around 3:30 p.m. The 44-year-old was on the first sandbar when he heard the whistles and saw lifeguards shouting and signaling swimmers to come in. Lanza was unsure exactly why they were calling everyone in, but he complied with the calls and started to make his way back to shore. “I was coming back from the sandbar,” Lanza said. “I was halfway back when the jet ski man told me not to [come closer]. I noticed the shark…

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Swimmer bitten by a shark in Miami, Florida


A swimmer has been bitten by a shark in Miami, Florida. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Ocean Rescue lifeguards spotted a shark as it swam off Haulover Beach July 9 around 3:30 p.m.  They quickly jumped into action, blowing their whistles and gesturing for beachgoers to exit the water. Elvin Lanza was on the second sand bar of the clothing optional beach and was attempting to leave the water,when a 4- to 5-foot long shark bit his left leg just above the knee and his right calf. He kicked the shark until…

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Video: Sharks in the shallows at Okaloosa Island, Florida

Stephanie Stevens Adcock_Okaloosa Island_Beach_sharks_2017

Stephanie Stevens Adcock was visiting Okaloosa Island near Fort Walton beach June 26, when she and other beachgoers got some toothy visitors. Around 3:30 p.m. a group of sharks, possibly bulls, showed up and made their way into knee-deep water as they chased bait fish. The sharks looked to be around 5- to 7-feet in length, and nearly beached themselves while feeding on the small prey. As Ms. Adcock filmed the event, those on the beach seemed to be amazed by the sight. One female beachgoer even walked within a…

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Sharks filmed off beaches in Panama City, Coco Beach and Gulf Shores


Several videos of sharks coming near the beaches in Panama City and Coco Beach, Fla., and Gulf Shores, Ala., have been shared on social media. The first report comes June 1 from Alicia Dufrene, who was on her balcony in Panama City when she spotted a hammerhead shark swimming in circles near shore.  She was able to film the 4- to 5-foot shark as it left the shallows, about 20 feet from the beach. Dufrene shared her video with the shark reporting app Dorsal, and said the shark “zig-zagged in…

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*Graphic* Florida Surfer suffers second shark bite in less than a year


*Graphic* Florida Surfer suffers second shark bite in less than a year. A shark bit a surfer on the foot June 10 in the Ponce Inlet, Florida. Bryan Brock was north of the Jetty in waist-deep water around 10 a.m. when the shark bit his left foot and hand. Mike Hotstetter saw Brock struggling around 10 feet away and quickly went into action. The Ex-lifeguard assisted Brock into shore and administered first aid. According to Pipeline TV Volusia Country lifeguards, EMTs and the Ponce Inlet Police Department responded quickly to…

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Shark diver bitten by a shark

2017_shark_attack_bite_Florida_Randall_Jordan_Melanie Bell The Palm Beach Post

A shark diving boat captain was bitten by a shark May 28. Randall Jordan was diving off the coast of Florida when he was bitten on what appears to be the hand and forearm by a shark. After receiving a distress call that a man had been bitten by a “sea creature”, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office dispatched the Marine One unit. After arriving on scene authorities determined the injury was quite severe and requested air transportation. The 61-year-old was taken back to shore before being transferred to a Trauma Hawk…

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Model bitten by a shark in Florida?

Molly Cavalli_2017_shark_attack_BIte_Florida_YouTube_CamSoda-Blur

A cam model is said to have been bitten by a shark while shooting a promotional video in Florida. Molly Cavalli was in a shark cage filming a live video broadcast for CamSoda, an adult entertainment website. The adult actress, whose age is listed as 35-years-old on an adult entertainment site, said she was bitten on the left ankle. “During the broadcast, a shark approached the cage which made Molly nervous. She swam up to the surface as the shark approached. Her foot rose above the protective net and was…

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