Model bitten by a shark in Florida?

Molly Cavalli_2017_shark_attack_BIte_Florida_YouTube_CamSoda-Blur

A cam model is said to have been bitten by a shark while shooting a promotional video in Florida. Molly Cavalli was in a shark cage filming a live video broadcast for CamSoda, an adult entertainment website. The adult actress, whose age is listed as 35-years-old on an adult entertainment site, said she was bitten on the left ankle. “During the broadcast, a shark approached the cage which made Molly nervous. She swam up to the surface as the shark approached. Her foot rose above the protective net and was…

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Florida shark attack bite survivor shares her story

A Florida shark attack bite survivor shares her story with Tracking Sharks. Denise Oosterveld was bitten by a shark April 11 at Ormond Beach, Florida. She had been paddleboarding and surfing with her sister for 2 hours when she rode a wave into waist-deep water. Once the wave broke, the 35-year-old woman who was visiting from Canada, went into the water close to the beach. “I was putting myself back on the board, when the bite happens, was too fast, I was able to put myself back on the board…

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*Graphic* Eighth shark bite for April reported in Florida


The eighth shark bite for April has been reported in Florida. Keenan Perry was surfing off Hannah Park April 14 when he was bitten on the foot. “I didn’t see anything at all. I had nothing on my mind. We had just seen dolphins. I had no fear at all, I was just doing my normal surfing like I do two to three times a week,” the 17-year-old told News4Jax. “I was near the shore, away from everybody in a dead zone by myself, [I] jumped off my board to…

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*Graphic* Shark bites surfer’s foot in St. Augustine, Florida


A shark bit a surfer’s foot in St. Augustine, Florida April 12. Kerry Keyton was enjoying the waves on St. Augustine Beach, just south of the St. Augustine pier when she went into the water. “I was off my board in the water and I was trying to get back on my board and something just hit me. “ she told News4Jax. The shark had grabbed the Palatka resident’s right foot. “It felt like my foot was just like, in a hole, which didn’t make sense,” she said. She was able to…

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Surfer bitten by a shark at Ormond Beach, Florida


A surfer was bitten by a shark April 11 at Ormond Beach, Florida. Denise Oosterveld had jumped off her board into chest deep water around 4 p.m. when she was bitten on the calf. The 35-year-old was treated on scene and transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. ***Update, read her account of the incident at *** This is the sixth shark attack bite reported in Florida for the month of April. Caitlyn Taylor, 17, was bitten April 2 and had to fight a shark in a rare encounter…

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Two Shark bites reported in Melbourne Beach, Florida

Two shark bites were reported April 10 near Melbourne Beach, Florida. The first incident involved Heather Orr of Palm Beach who was bitten on her left hand while swimming offshore near Ocean Avenue. The 21-year-old was with her boyfriend when she dunked under a wave and felt the shark bite the palm of her left hand around 4 p.m. She was treated at the Holmes Regional Medical center in Melbourne and should recover in a few weeks. A few hours later a more serious event occurred when a young girl…

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Teen bitten by a shark at Daytona Beach Florida

Kody Stephens_2017_shark_attack_Bite_Daytona_beach_Florida

A teen was bitten by a shark while swimming off Daytona Beach, Florida on April 3. Kody Stephens was with a friend in chest-deep water when he felt something bite his foot. “I told my friend that I had felt something bite me, and we got out of the water and (my foot) was bleeding,” the 16-year-old told 11Alive. “We went up and washed it and the hotel called 911. They showed up and looked at it.” The teen, who is visiting from Georgia, had a half-moon shaped bite on…

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