Great white shark attacks surfer, minor injury.

2017-shark_attack_bite_Main Beach off Iluka in New South Wales September 10_Abe McGrath _Instagram_brickson__

A great white shark attacked a surfer who some have called “the luckiest man on earth”. Abe McGrath was at Main Beach off Iluka in New South Wales September 10 around 6:00 a.m. The 35-year-old was lying on his board approximately 328 yards north of the Illuka wall when the shark shot up from underneath. “The impact lifted him up. The shark was coming from the deep and hit (Abe’s board) with its nose and opened its mouth and latched on the board,” fellow surfer Bryce Cameron told The Daily…

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Great white shark jumped into boat

great white jumps into boat Terry Selway

A great white shark jumped into a boat in Australia on May 27. Terry Selwood was fishing in his normal sweet spot off the coast of Evans Head in New South Wales. The 73-year-old has been fishing the same area for over 50 years and had a few pieces of bait on a line deep under his boat. Then out of no where a great white shark shot out of the water. “I caught a blur of something coming over the boat … and the pectoral fin of the shark hit…

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10-year old surfer cruises over a great white shark?


The moment a 10-year-old surfer cruises over a great white shark has reportedly been captured on camera. Chris Hasson was taking photos of his son Eden off Samurai Beach, near Newcastle in New South Wales January 24 when he saw a dark shape in the water. “I see a big dark shape and [was] about to call the small group in and Eden takes off on a left [wave] and smashes it to the beach. Just as he is taking off, I see something out of the corner of my…

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Man bitten by a shark at Merimbula Main Beach

A man was bitten by a shark at Merimbula Main Beach in New South Wales, Australia on January 4. Mitchell Collins was swimming in water around 32 to 49 feet (10 to 15m) deep from the shore when he was bitten. The 20-year-old and his cousin Jayden had been swimming but were in waist-deep water around 6 p.m. when he was bitten. “I had my feet on the ground, I went to step and as I did it bit my foot,” Collins told the Illawarra Mercury. “I knew it was…

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First Great White Shark Caught in Shark Net -NSW


The first great white shark caught in a shark net has been released successfully. The 10-foot (3.2m) female was found off Sharpes Beach in Ballina December 10 at 11:30 a.m. local time. Department of Primary Industry researchers Dr. Paul Butcher and Matt Broadhurst tagged and released the shark. The shark was caught in one of the five new shark nets deployed in NSW. Another four great whites were also captured on smart drumlines deployed last week. Two great whites, an 8-foot (2.5m) and a 7 1/2-foot (2.3m), were caught off…

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Ping Shark Tracking Monitoring Stations Placed in NSW

Ping shark tracking stations are being placed around New South Wales. Two are currently active, one at Clarkes Beach in Byron Bay and a second at Sharpes Beach, Ballina.   The stations are designed to pick up special frequency’s emitted from sharks that have been implanted with special acoustic tracking devices. When a shark with the implanted device swims by the buoy a receiver will record the data and alert monitoring crews to the shark’s presence. The information will identify the species of the shark and allow those monitoring the…

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Massive Bull Shark Caught in Hasting River

A massive bull shark has been caught along Hastings River in New South Wales, Australia. The nearly 10 feet (3m) long shark is estimated to weigh in at over 550 pounds (249 kg). Fisherman Denis Rivers hooked the female shark last Wednesday night. Due to the enormous girth, he thinks the shark may have been pregnant and was heading up river to give birth. Once the shark was pulled into the shallows, Mr. Rivers knew it was much too large to pull out of the water by hand. He told…

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