Great white shark bites 13-year-old’s surf board

Great white shark bites 13-year-old’s surfboard

Zoe Steyn was surfing Nahoon Reef off the coast of South Africa earlier this month when she had the shock of a lifetime. The 13-year-old was around 75 meters off shore waiting on wave when a 10-foot long great white shark grabbed her board. “I just saw this huge black eye looking straight at me and a huge bang as it took my board and began shaking it,” Steyn said, as she related the incident in a July 16 report by The Telegraph. “It latched on with its jaws just…

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*Graphic Image* Teen surfer bitten by a shark In Plettenberg

A surfer has been bitten by a shark in Plettenberg, South Africa. The unidentified teen was at The Waves in Keurbooms around 5 p.m. April 29 with two other surfers. He was “At the back-line he turned to catch a wave when he saw a fin approaching towards him, he felt a bump and he felt a bite on his right calf.   He caught a wave to the beach where he was met by his dad, who had witnessed the incident, and by bystanders who rendered assistance while raising the alarm.” the…

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Scuba diver killed in fatal shark attack?


A scuba diver died April 12 after what may have been a shark attack in waters off KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Leopold Mairhuber was diving with a charter group near Shelly Beach and Port Edward, but when the group surfaced, divers realized one man had disappeared. The 68-year old diver was a master instructor with over 2,000 dives according to African Dive Adventures (ADA) with whom he had been diving. According to the group, Mr. Mairhuber was with a class of divers from Dr. Erich Ritter’s Shark School and had been…

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Kayaker knocked into the water by a shark

A kayaker was knocked into the water by a shark off the coast near Durban, South Africa. Murray van Wyk was fishing with friends February 6 off Eastmoor Crescent Beach when he hooked a tuna fish, only to be quickly relieved of his catch and knocked off his kayak by an eager shark. His friend Owen McMillan had his camera on, and although he wasn’t close to van Wyk he filmed the event from a distance. “He was busy reeling in his catch, a tuna, and he saw a large…

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Great White Shark Attacks Surf Ski

Great white shark attack surf ski ben swart

A shark believed to be a great white shark attacked a surf ski paddler in Cape Town, South Africa. Ben Swart was paddling with two friends in Keurbooms Lagoon at Plettenberg Bay December 19 around 7 a.m. when the shark apparently breached. The Local National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) released a statement that the 55-year-old was hit from below the water by an estimated 13-foot (4m) shark. The shark hit the board with such force Swart was knocked off his surf ski and into the air. He was uninjured in…

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Fisherman Bitten By a Great White Shark

A spearfisherman has been bitten by a suspected great white shark in South Africa. The 43-year-old man was spearfishing off the coast of Ryspunt when the incident occurred. The Betty’s Bay man was bitten on the left leg and thigh and had lacerations on his right hand. His diving buddies used the elastic bands from their spearguns as makeshift tourniquets to stem the bleeding as they boated back to Ariston harbor. The South African police, Overberg Fire and Rescue Services, WC Government Health EMS, and National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI)…

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Surf-ski bitten by shark

A surfski was bitten by a shark this morning in South Africa. A group of five local surf-skiers were enjoying a normal paddle in Plettenberg Bay this morning, when one of the members had a sudden encounter with a shark. Member Dave Mason’s ski was hit from behind by a large shark that began violently pushing the ski forward. The shark hit with such force that it knocked Mason into the water. After he attempted to climb back into the vessel, he realized his boat was actually sinking and that…

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