Man bitten by shark in Western Australia

A man was bitten by a shark in Western Australia September 10. The unidentified man was swimming near Point Samson around the Sam’s creek area when he was injured by a shark. He received minor injuries around 3 p.m. and was taken to Roebourne District Hospital and later released.   There have been six other shark related incidents, two of which were shark attack bites including one fatality, reported in Western Australia this year. The first occurred February 25 near Coral Bay off Point Maud. A woman was snorkeling around…

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Great white shark attacks bodyboard

2017_Shark_attack_bite_Western_Austrailia_Great_white_shark_Paul Goff_WA_Police

A great white shark attacked a bodyboard June 11 at Bunbury beach, Western Australia. Paul Goff was waiting for a wave around 9 p.m.  at Casuarina Point when a 13-foot (4m) great white shark shot out of the water. “I saw the grey and the white of the gills and at that point I realised it wasn’t a dolphin,” the 48-year-old told Perth Now. “I had no warning at all that it was there,” he said. “The camouflage colour of the shark – that’s what it’s there for, it protects…

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Teenage girl has died after being bitten by a shark


A teenage girl has died after being bitten by a shark in Western Australia on April 17. Laeticia Brouwer was surfing with her father just before 4 p.m. at Kelp Beds near Wylie Bay in Esperance when she was said to have been drug under water when her left leg was bitten off at the hip by a suspected great white shark. According to 7 News Perth reports, the 17-year-old’s mother and two sisters saw the attack from the beach. Brouwer’s father and another teen were able to take Brouwer…

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Video: Spearfishermen have close encounter with a shark

Tim Van Beelen_shark_attack

A couple of spearfisherman had a close encounter with a shark in Western Australia. Tim Van Beelen was fishing with The Horny Spearos boat off the coast of Coral Bay in the video posted January 23. Van Beelen had just speared a fish and was reeling it in when a hungry shark showed up. ***Language Warning**** The shark took advantage of situation and started munching on the free meal. The spear fisherman pulled on his line as the shark was eating the fish before quickly releasing it and distancing himself…

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Spearfisherman Bitten by a Shark in Australia

A spearfisherman has been bitten by a shark in Australia. Brad Vale was spearfishing with three friends off the coast of Coral Bay when he was bitten. The 19-year-old Albany teenager had is GoPro camera filming as he dove down and a 5 foot (1.5m) shark started circling him. “I dived down and just sort of sat down at the bottom and a shark came in on me,” he told Perth Now. “He got a bit close then did a big turn at me and charged so I gave him…

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Shark Severed a Surfer’s Leg in Australia-Fatal

A shark severed a surfers leg in Western Australia. Ben Gerring was bitten while surfing at Falcon Beach in the town of Mandurah which is south of Pert City. The 29-year old was heard screaming for help as he was being pulled underwater. Other Surfers heard his cries and paddled over to assist.   They were able to carry Mr. Gerring back to shore and administer first aid. Ian Barker, who assisted in the rescue, told Seven News he “Heard the boy say ‘shark’ and about 15 blokes paddled all the…

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70 Tiger Sharks Feast on a Whale

A drone operator caught the moment 70 tiger sharks feast on a whale. The footage was taken by Jay Cox who works for Eco Abrolhos. Mr. Cox had taken a group of 15 tourists to Western Australia near Dirk Hartog Island on four tenders at Steep Point on Friday. Another boat passed by and told them about the sharks munching on the whale carcass.  The group then headed to watch the action unfold. They were able to get extremely close to the sharks that were focused on the free meal,…

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