2014 shark attack bites map

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Unfortunately some media outlets sensationalize some shark interactions as full blown killer sharks on the loose. However, as you can see in the map below, shark attacks and bites are not that common. If you notice, most shark bites are clustered on the east coast of Florida. This is due to rough surf which creates limited visibility for the sharks.

Of course with surf comes surfers. More people in the water leads to the possibility of more interactions.

2015 shark attack bites tracking map is here

Once you click on an article, it will give you the details of the incident(shark attack bite), which is normally a small ankle bite or small laceration on a hand.

The map actually has categories (bites, fatal and interactions) on the left hand side. If you cannot see these in your browser, click on the top right button at the top of the map to open in full screen.

The map is for informational purposes only, and does indicate how rare shark attack bites are. There are millions of people in the waters every day, if sharks were crazy killers, the map would be filled to the brim, but it’s not. Did you know Bill Gates says you should be more worried about pesky mosquitoes than sharks? So be safe and enjoy the waters.

All 2014’s Shark attacks and bites, pinpointed on an easy to use map. Includes relevant information on the attack/bite: fatal/non fatal, location, victim.
Want to track live sharks? Click here.

Click to open the 2013 Shark attack bite map in a new window.

Attack bite spots are mapped using the information in the original article. Due to this, the exact spot of the incident may not be 100% correct. If you see any corrections, let me know in the comments. This map is for informational use only.

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  1. peter mcmahon

    i believe that MH370 crashed near Round Is. Mauritius, i’d like to see your shark tracker for March and April of 2014 for this area, if sharks have swam to this area for a few days then left the area, it only means they were eating well, if it did crash there items would have shark bite holes in them, and many items found in this area do have shark bite marks on them. This area has been avoided since day one, yet the authorities did say items would wash onto Reunion Is, how would they know this a few weeks after it disappeared, item should have washed onto Australian shores but not one item yet after over 3 years, but so much to wash onto these islands and to the west of these islands.

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