6-foot-long blue shark stranded on a Cape Cod beach

Center for Coastal Studies
Center for Coastal Studies

A 6-foot-long beached blue shark was discovered yesterday in Cape Cod.

The shark had regurgitated its stomach from the stress which is not uncommon as sharks will often vomit their stomachs to cleanse them of parasites or indigestible items (who needs pepto right?).    Although in the wild the proceeds is very quick and the stomach is swallowed with a matter of seconds.   Not sure how well this male will do, but it is possible he may survive.

Members of the public attempted to comfort the shark by using buckets to keep its skin moist.

The shark was taken to deeper waters and released.

If any further updates become available, they will be posted on the Center for Coastal Studies Facebook https://www.facebook.com/coastalstudies/

On a side note there have been two white sharks that became beached along the coast.

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