9yo Sebastian Cozzan recovering from shark bite

Nine-year-old Sebastian Cozzan was bitten by a shark around 4 p.m. off

“The shark came up and bit me and started to pull me into the water,” he told WPBF-TV 25

Even though his foot was in the shark’s mouth, he fought back.

“I just kicked the shark inside the mouth and he just got hurt I think,” he said.

After seeing the commotion the third-grader’s parents ran into the water and carried him back to the beach.

Sebastian Cozzan recovering from shark bite
Photo: David Cozzan, Sebastian’s father

He was taken to St. Mary’s Community Hospital, March 21, where he received 80 stitches and is expected to make a full recovery.

The location of the incident has been marked on the 2014 Shark Attack Map.

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