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Amazing video of double Great White Shark attack


An amazing video of a double great white shark attack has been caught on film.
Shannon Ainslie was hitting the waves on Nahoon reef, East London, South Africa July 17, 2009.
The 15-year-old was lying on his board at the top of a cresting wave when the first 13 foot shark hit from underneath.
Shannon was flipped upside down in the air and plunged into the water.
The shark grabbed Anislie’s right hand and pulled him backwards so that the two were eye to eye.
“I prayed Hey Jesus, please like I need some help here. Please help me out and then all of a sudden this wave came out of no where and all my fear disappeared,” Shannon said.
That’s when a second great white tried to bite the young man’s head, but ended up colliding with the first shark causing it to release it’s grip.

Shannon had several severe lacerations on his hand. Thankfully his brother and another man were able to help him back to shore.
Doctors were able to reattach Shannon’s nearly severed ring finger.

A Canadian backpacker had asked another man to film him as he hit the waves and the vidoeographer ended up catching the whole attack on video.
brother and another man helped the surfer back to shore

Read an interview with Shannon at http://www.millerslocal.co.za/shannon-ainslie–surflife.html

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