Another great Great White photo

Amanda BrewerAmanda Brewer took the wonderful photo above.  She was attending the The White Shark Africa – ECO PROGRAM. Which according to their website is  a Great White Shark research, ecotourism, naturalist and volunteer project operating in Mossel Bay, South Africa. This program offers a diverse itinerary to suit the expectations of a broad cross section of participants. This offers hands on approach to working not only with Great White Sharks, but also other species of sharks in the area. Read more at

Mrs. Brewer is a school teacher in New Jersey and printed out the photo to hang on her wall. “I knew immediately that that photo was going to do something,” she told Time Lightbox . “It’s a motivation for them to see that image, and be excited by it, and to realize that they could do that too, if they wanted. And even though some people may see the image and think it’s terrifying, if 350,000 people can talk about it in one day, at least people are talking and having conversations about these beautiful animals.”

She added “I wasn’t even a little bit frightened,” she said. “When you’re there and you’re in their presence, it’s not scary. They’re beautiful and graceful, and you can see how intelligent they are.”

She is 100% correct on that.  Sharks are wonderful creatures and often misunderstood.  Overfishing, by catch and finning have really hurt the number of sharks in our worlds oceans.  Too many people fear this wonderful creature.
 The photo has also opened up a debate on whether baiting white sharks should be banned.  Check out this article

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