Another Great White shark gets stuck in a cage

This is the second video I have seen where a great white shark has nearly gotten its head stuck in a cage. Incidents like this could easily lead to tragic consequences, both for the tourist and the sharks. If a tourist is a little too slow moving out of the way, they could easily come up missing an appendage.

In its struggle to release its self the shark could damage its eyes, gills, fins, back really it could kill itself. If it weren’t able to free itself, then the divers, the shark and the people on the boat are in serious trouble. The weight of the shark and its rapid movements could cause the cables securing the cage to the boat to break and down into the deep would go divers and shark.

The shark might have a better chance of escaping, but the divers are often on hookah lines or snorkels. Hookah is unlike scuba as it is connected to a compressor on the boat. This means they have to struggle to escape the cage. Then swim up from the depths betwixt the chum which lured the sharks there in the first place. Not to mention what how many other sharks are swimming in the area. The boat could also be damaged, if it were a small vessel with a heavy cage and even heavier shark stuck inside, it could easily turn into a sinking ship.

My point is, if situations in the two videos continue, then human and shark lives could be in trouble. Agree or disagree? Let me know why in the comments!!

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