Video:Aquarium Shark Bites a Diver

Video has been released that shows the moment an aquarium shark bites a diver.

A diver was attempting to do a routine checkup on the pregnant shark in a South African aquarium in 2012.


The divers begin by administering drugs to the shark using a spear pole and administration vial.

As the shark swims by the administration vial is forced into the shark’s skin around the dorsal fin.

Divers then begin swimming in for a close-up medical checkup of the grey nurse shark.

During the exam, the sharks body language appears to signal its aggravation in being touched as it tries to swim away from the diver.

The diver uses a small measuring/defense rod held in his right hand to help control the sharks movements and to guide the sharks mouth away from his body.

Unfortunately, the shark decides it has had enough and spins around to the divers left and bites the divers arm.

As the diver fights the shark, his dive buddy can be seen approaching the two in an attempt to rescue his colleague.

After a few moments the shark swims off and the dive buddies head to the surface.

Medical personal come to the aid of the bitten diver who has sever laceration to both his left hand and elbow.

Grey nurse sharks, which are also known as sand tigers or ragged-tooth sharks, are slow moving and consider fairly placid, making them ideal candidates for captivity.

The sharks have a very low reproductive rate, breeding only every second or third year and then only have around two pups. This along with over fishing has led to a decline in the overall shark’s population.

They are listed as endangered under Australia’s Queensland’s Nature Conservation Act of 1992 and as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List.

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  1. Samantha Swink

    I reckon pregnant sharks do not care to be caroused with a stick. Seems like the man was paying more attention to the right side of the shark than the left.

  2. Tony

    Um..yeah.. dont mess with a pregnant shark.

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