Bahamas shark bite victim press conference

Lacey Webb Martin was bitten by a shark earlier this month in the Bahamas.

The bite wound was about the “size of a large pizza” according to Dr. Andrew Rosenthal.

At first I assumed a Tiger Shark was most likely the culprit, however several news agency are reporting it was an 8 to 10 ft Bull shark.

Part of a tooth was found in the wound, which may clarify exactly what type of shark it was.

She said it was “by Gods miracle”; a bite that big with up to 8 pounds of flesh being removed and it just might be a miracle.

I am still impressed she had the presence of mind to alert her husband and swim back to the boat.

I assume the rest of her GoPro footage is being kept private, although I would like to know if it actually shows the shark.

It probably doesn’t as she said “I was hit from behind” or she may wish to licensee the footage to a documentary media outlet.

Either way, she doesn’t blame the shark and plans to get back in the water. Kudos for that!!

We wish her a speedy recovery.


Screen cap from GoPro footage right before the bite occurred
Screen cap from GoPro footage right before the bite occurred

Random Thoughts

The visibility in of the water seems pretty poor, so it could be the shark was doing a test bite on something it could not identify.

Since she was 15 ft from the boat, it seems like the shark could have came back and taken her had it wanted to.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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