Bahamas shark bite victim speaks

Lacy Webb Martin was bitten by a shark in the Bahamas Monday January 5th.
Today she spoke with ABC WFAA’s Cynthia Izaguirre via Skype.

Some of the more shark related stuff is typed below in case you can’t view the video.

Originally it was thought a Tiger Shark bit her, however another news site said the tooth left in the wound appeared to be a White Shark.

While White sharks have been seen as far as the Florida Keys, it seems more probable it was a Tiger.

Partial transcript:

“We were snorkeling in about 8, 10 feet of water, I had swam down to check out a really cool ray on the bottom, and as I went to surface for some air, I was hit from behind, and I got shook twice, and then the shark let me go.”

“As to be expected, there’s some pain involved here, but I’ve got a great family surrounding me and wonderful staff here at the hospital,” Martin said. “Improvements are coming by leaps and bounds at the moment.”

“There are going to be moments that are uncomfortable, but I just work through them.”

“I was saved by the grace of God; there’s no other way to explain it,

“I should not have made it out of the water. I shouldn’t have made it to the hospital. I should’ve had more severe injuries than I did.”

Once healed up, she will go snorkeling again.

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