Broken Jaws :Great white shark slams cage media goes crazy

A honey mooning couple went on a shark viewing adventure in South Africa when their cage was slammed by a great white shark.  The water was murky, so as the shark was chasing the bait (which keep in mind was being drug toward the cage) it was going at full speed and ended up ramming into the cage.

YouTube Spencer Reilly
Broken Jaws? Photo: YouTube Spencer Reilly

Now the news media has begun to sensationalize the video with titles like Great white shark attacks cage divers and tourists survive shark attack by inches.  The shark was lured to the cage with bait and may have in-fact injured itself by smacking into the cage with such force. Look at the screen cap, and the way its jaw is bent back.

I am just baffled by the titles and the negativity associated with intentional shark interaction.  Yet, very few even mention the fact the shark may be injured.




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