Bull Shark Conservation

Misión Tiburón, a nonprofit conservation group, shared a short documentary on the conservation of bull sharks in Costa Rica.The group catches juvenile sharks in the Sirena River, which is believed to be a birthing area, where they attach fin tags and a sonar tracker.

After releasing the sharks back into the water, they can track the shark with underwater buoys that records information when a shark nears the vicinity.

In addition the group also uses spearguns to “shoot” a tag into the dorsal fins of adult bull sharks.

The goal is to protect the bull sharks mating and berthing areas.

Once the data is collected the team hopes to find out if the sharks are traveling outside of the Protected Marine area and if so they hope to present the information so that the area can be expanded.

You can follow Misión Tiburón on Twitter and on YouTube.

Direct link to the video here.


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