Head to Cancun for the summer migration of Whale Sharks

cancun_whale_sharkCANCUN, Mexico – The annual summer migration of the ocean’s largest fish, the Whale Shark, begins May 15, 2014 near Cancun, Mexico.

They will be in the Gulf of Mexico’s waters near Cancun, one of the world’s hottest and most desirable vacation spots enjoying the Summer “Buffet” of plankton, krill, and other microscopic delicacies in Mother Nature’s Aquarium through mid September.

Tens of thousands of tourists have taken snorkel trips to swim alongside these gentle giants the past 5 years, and the numbers continue to grow. In addition to the Whale Sharks, snorkelers can see/swim with huge Manta Rays, pods of Free-Running dolphins (not in a caged tank), turtles and much, much more.

Numerous tour operators have set up shop to conduct these tours out to the Whale Shark feeding area from Cancun.

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