Interview with California great white shark attack survivor Grigor Azatian

2017 shark attack bite_Grigor_Azatian_11_24_17_USA_California_Monterey-Bay_Still-Water-cove_great_white_Shark__scar_2

Under a slightly overcast sky on November 24, 2017 Grigor Azatian and his father Armen were diving off the coast of Pebble Beach when he was bitten by a great white shark. The 25-year-old and his father had fished the area before, and Grigor, who had been spearing for 12-years and diving even longer, had just taken a couple of fish. His father wasn’t having much luck, but Grigor knew there were more fish in the area and suggested his father go back down. While floating at the surface Grigor…

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Tiger shark bites surfer in Hawaii

2018_shark_Attack_Marjorie Mariano_Haleiwa_Hawaii

A tiger shark bit a surfer in Hawaii on December 31. Marjorie Mariano was enjoying a new year’s surf off Laniakea Beach. While in the water, the active surfer had been thinking about her friend and soul sister Telma Boinville, who was recently killed in an apparent robbery. Around 6 p.m., an estimated 10-foot long tiger shark grabbed her leg (graphic image). “I felt something big and I felt the bite really hard,” Mariano told Hawaii News Now. “I turned my body and I looked at the shark’s face biting…

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Nurse shark bites fisherman, won’t let go

A fisherman got more than he bargained for off the coast of Malaysia December 21. Sairol Harun was wading in the waters off Bagan Lalang Beach in Sepang, when a nurse shark popped up. The shark latched onto the 24-year-old’s left thigh and refused to let go. Harun waded back to shore with the shark still attached to his leg and called police for help. The Malaysian Public Defense Forces (APM) arrived with an ambulance and attempted to remove the shark. “APM team takes about 10 minutes to release the…

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Video: Honeymooner bitten by shark

A woman on her honeymoon was bitten by a shark in the Bahamas December 8. Sarah Illig was swimming with nurse sharks while her husband Evan Carroll filmed the interaction. The 25-year-old was enjoying the last day of the trip as she swam in the crystal-clear water of Compass Cay. Unfortunately, her mask obscured her peripheral vision as she swam with her arms extended and she didn’t see the large nurse shark as it approached. “I felt a whoosh of water, something clamped down on my arm and I assumed…

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Fatal shark attack reported in Costa Rica

A fatal shark attack has been reported in Costa Rica. The attack occurred November 30 after Rohina Bhandari and her dive master identified by his last name Jimenez departed their dive vessel to enjoy the waters of a spot known as Manuelita off the remote island of Isla del Coco, about 300 miles off the Costa Rican mainland. As the two ascended, sometime before 2:30 p.m., to a dive safety stop, Jimenez spotted what he believed to be a female tiger shark approaching and attempted to scare it away. When…

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Spearfisherman attacked by great white shark in California

A spearfisherman was bitten by a great white shark in California November 24. Grigor Azatian was fishing with his father off Monterey Bay in Still Water Cove on Friday afternoon. The experienced fisherman had speared three fish and pointed his father Armen, who was hadn’t taken any fish to a better spot. Grigor swapped out his speargun for a camera and dove down to take a few photographs, but resurfaced and grabbed his gun again. Related: Interview with Grigor Azatian When the 25-year-old dove down in search of fish, he…

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Teen bitten by a shark in Brevard County, Florida

2017_shark_attack_bite_Florida_Kaia Anderson

A teenager was bitten by a shark in Brevard County, Florida. Kaia Anderson was surfing off Melborune Beach off of Highway A1A just before dark around 5 p.m. The 14-year-old was just offshore when she felt a tug on her leg. She looked back to see the “arc” of the shark’s jaw and its dorsal fin. She told her friends that she had been bitten and the group caught a wave back to shore. A fisherman carried the Hoover Middle School student to the local clubhouse and she was given…

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