Child ignored warnings got bit by a shark

So a 10yr old boy was on a school trip to Bob Farms shark centre, when after being told ten times not to put his fingers near the shark’s mouth….he did.  The reports the child actually put his finger into a carpet sharks mouth and received a small bite on his finger.

I am sorry the kid got his finger bit.  However I am much sorrier that it will now be listed as a shark attack.  I am sure this bite will be added to the list of 2014 shark attacks.  Even though it was a child’s mistake, I seriously doubt many people will take the time to find out the actually facts.

Since I started tracking shark attacks and bites I have seen the craziest “shark attack” stories. There have been at least two where a fisherman has caught a shark, tried to remove the hook and was of course bitten.  Then the title of the news story will be John Doe attacked by shark.

Of course if you read the story, it’s easy to see that it is no shark attack.  It was simply someone that wasn’t paying attention, or just trying to save harm to the shark by removing a hook.  However the incident will be listed as a shark attack.

This is exactly the same case we have here.   A young boy not even in the ocean made a mistake and now is a statistic.  More of my thoughts about bites and attacks later.  This story just reminded me of how sharks are consistently getting demonized.

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