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Shark diver bitten by shark

A scuba diver was bitten by a shark this weekend off Jupiter, Florida.

The unidentified man works for a company that offers shark encounter tours off the coast.

According to ABC 25, he was working at the time of the incident, but other information is currently unknown.

Often times shark encounter groups will take milk crates full of fish parts to lure the sharks in for photos and up-close interactions.

Shark feeding is illegal in Florida waters, but not in federal waters.

The act of feeding sharks has been controversial. Proponents say shark feeding could lead to a trained response in fed sharks, causing them to associate humans with food.

This is the forty-fifth shark attack bite worldwide, six of which were fatal, two were out of water and two currently unconfirmed.

The location has been marked on the 2015 shark attack bites map.

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