Endangered Nurse sharks killed

deparmtent_primary_industriesAuthorities are searching for the killer(s) of two endangered grey nurse sharks found dumped in Port Stephens beach Australia.  Diver Rob Stewart and his son found the remains of a 6 foot long nurse shark on the southern end of Box beach.  Around 50 feet away a second shark was found, both had bullet holes in their heads.  More than likely they were killed using  a bang stick/power head.  A device on the end of a pole with a shotgun shell or bullet, that fires on impact.  They were popular in the seventies as protection from sharks.

Since nurse sharks are docile unless harassed, it appears to be a senseless killing.   The Department of Primary Industry has taken possession of the bodies for testing.  A spokeswoman for the department said it is illegal to catch, keep, sell, buy, harm or possess a grey nurse shark with out a permit.  Penalties can include up to two years imprisonment and up to a $220, 000 fine.




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