Four shark bites reported in Florida

Updated August 3, 2020.

Four shark bites have been reported in Florida with three in New Smyrna Beach and one at Cocoa Beach.

Carson Dicks, 11, was bodyboarding with his cousin July 24 around 4600 S. Atlantic Avenue.

Around 5 p.m. the two decided to head into the beach. As they were wading in the waist-deep murky water, a shark grabbed Dick’s right foot. The Lake wells resident quickly moved his foot and the shark released its grip.

Authorities were alerted about a trauma on the beach and dispatched an Ocean Rescue Office, who reported that the injury was a shark bite.

Dicks was given first aid on the beach and was taken to the Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital where doctors operated the following day.

His mother said several tendons were torn, but Carson should be back to normal in a few months.

No shark was seen and the species involved has yet to be determined.

Two other bites occurred in the same area and same day in March.

R. Page, 29, was off the 2600 N block March 22. Around 10:50 a.m. Page hopped of his board and onto a shark. The shark bit the surfers left foot and left a minor wound.

Around 12:25 p.m. C. Landsam, 21, was paddling on his board with his feet in the water when a shark grabbed his left foot.

Lifeguards treated both patients on scene.

New Smyrna is known as the shark bite capital of the world. The area has many bait fish, which attract sharks, and it has great waves, which attract surfers. The two, along with swimmers, often have run-ins throughout the year.

Most locals refer to the area as “sharky” and avoid swimming in the area. However, vacationing families may not be aware the area is known for the visiting smaller feeding sharks.

The last bite in the area was Aug. 27, 2019. Dr. Donald Walsh, 40, was surfing when he fell on top of an estimated 6.5-foot long shark.

Walsh was one of five people bitten in the area that month. Nine-year-old Maggie Crum was bitten while playing in knee-deep water Aug. 16. A Tennessee man, 68, was bitten on the foot while wading, and two more bites were reported on Aug. 3.

Cocoa Beach shark attack

Kylee Orona,12, and a teammate were in Florida for the 2020 USSSA All-American Games. After their initial evaluations, the two decided to visit the local beach July 20.

Orona, a catcher, was wading into knee-high water when a shark grabbed her right leg. She was able to use her strong legs to kick the shark which released it’s grip.

The shark attempted to grab her left leg, but was unsuccessful. Her teammate came to her aid and the two exited the water.

The teammate applied pressure to the wound and Orona was taken to the local hospital.

She was transported to a hospital in Orlando, where surgery was performed on her right foot. Thankfully no tendons or nerves were severed and the tween should be back to normal after rehab.

All locations have been marked on the 2020 Shark Attack Map.

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