Full video: Mako shark jumps onto boat

The 13-year-old angler was off Long Island, New York when he hooked a large mako shark July 6.

During the battle to land the shark, it jumped and landed on the bow of the fishing boat, and as it flopped on the deck, it became lodged between the guard rails.

The Outlaw Fishing Charters crew group then had to find a way to get the estimated 180-pound shark back into the water.

mako shark stuck on boat
Photo: Melina Hale YouTube

Eventually, they tied a rope to the shark’s tail and lowered it back into the ocean.

mako shark on boat bow
Photo: Outlaw Fishing Charters

As the shark entered the water, the fishermen cut the rope and the shark disappeared.

Mako sharks are the fastest swimming sharks in the ocean. They have been known to swim in bursts of up to 46 miles per hour.

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