Goofy sea turtle likes the camera

twitter @official_diuvs
twitter @official_diuvs

Adventurer Diuvs De Jesus was posing for a group photo at the Apo Islands in the Philippines when a goofy little turtle decided he wanted to get in on the action.

The awesome little dude popped his head up just in time to be immortalized in a perfect photo.

The shallows of the island are a feeding ground for endangered sea turtles.

Mr. De Jesus posted on his blog “Just like what my friend Genesis said, this is a reminder that humans and creatures like this gentle pawikan can co-exist.”

He went on to say “The Apo Island in the Philippines is one of the world’s best known community-managed Marine Protected Area.”

The island is estimated to have over 400 species of corals and is home to more than 650 documented species of fish.

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