Guy tries to ride Hammerhead shark

Aaron Moir decided it would be fun to ride a hammerhead shark in the Montebello Islands, 100km north of Exmouth in Austria.

The 25 year-old skipper claims to have ridden six to seven sharks in the past.

He told Perth Now its not dangerous except for “some pretty bad chafing”

Saying:“I was thinking, ‘Right, it’s hammer time’. Bang — I just jumped on.”

“I tell you what though, their skin is as rough as sandpaper. I couldn’t wear undies for three days because it ripped my thighs to shreds.

“The guests all had a laugh. They call me the shark rider.”

“The sharks get a bit of a fright for a second but that’s it”

He has now set his sites on riding a tiger shark and if her really gets his confidence he may even try a Great White Shark.

Generally speaking jumping on the back of a shark is a very bad idea and although most sharks are not man eaters, they can still cause massive injures.

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