IN DEEP novel on sale

Laurie Albano’s novel  IN DEEP is on sale today through June 6.

You can pick up a Kindle copy for $0.99 with all proceeds donated to Bimini Shark Lab.


When vacationing Trisha Roberts arrives in Cape Town, the NYPD detective feels compelled to subdue a man shooting at sharks on a public beach. She soon learns the situation isn’t exactly what it seems and neither is the great white shark researcher she meets on the same beach. Although she and Mike McEllis clash on the subject of sharks, she finds herself intrigued by the handsome American now living and working in South Africa.

As Trisha struggles to keep her attention on her best friend and traveling companion, Annie, a medical crisis pushes her and Mike together. Trisha isn’t happy since she’s just out of a bad marriage and falling in love at all, let alone in a foreign country, is the last thing she was looking for.

Despite this, Trisha realizes Mike is the love of her life. To be with him, she’ll have to fight her own demons, his ex-lover, illegal shark finners, and the incredible miles that separate them. Can she possibly win so many battles?

A great book about sharks supporting sharks!!

Grab your copy at

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