Jaws returns to theaters

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Love it or hate it, Jaws was instrumental in bringing sharks to the mainstream. The film, based on the novel by the same name, has terrified movie goers into staying out of the water since 1975.

The subject, killer sharks on the loose, out to eat you as soon as you step foot into the water, little black eyes peeping
between the cresting waves; hoping you, the tasty snack, will enter its domain.

Of course, now we know that doesn’t happen. We are the killers murdering thousands upon thousands of sharks every day.
I digress, but the movie which scared us and inspired many to study sharks is about to return to theaters.

Turner Classic Movies is celebrating the film’s 4oth anniversary with a limited nationwide theater release on June 21 and 23.

Now when I say nationwide, I don’t honestly know where, as the website is currently vague about what cities will actually be showing the film.

I guess we will all just have to keep an eye on their site and while you are waiting you can recreate your favorite scenes with your very own jaws action figures.

Ever wonder how the film differs from the book? Click here to find out.

So what are your thoughts on the film?  Would you go to the theater to watch it again?


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