Jawzall a sawzall with shark teeth

Katherine Corn a Cornell University undergraduate and her colleagues attached sharks teeth to sawzall creating a jawzall to test  shark teeth.

A sawzall has a reciprocating blade used to cut just about anything.

The team took 10 teeth each from a sandbar shark, a sixgill shark, a silky shark and a tiger shark, they then used epoxy to attach them to individual blades.

The saw with teeth blade was then placed on chum salmon in attempt to replicate the sharks back and forth head motion used while attacking prey.

The results showed that teeth dulled fairly quickly and may be the reason sharks have rapid tooth replacement and affected the amount of food they consume.

Given the speed of the saw seems much faster than the shake of a sharks head, and the pressure applied was allot less than the pressure of an actual  shark bite.

Regardless this is a very cool study.

Just in case you’re wondering the tiger sharks teeth were the deadliest, breaking the salmon’s spine in 6 cuts.

You can see a video of the Jawzall in action HERE

Unfortunately it doesn’t show the results.






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