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Live Shark Workup with the Bimini Shark Lab

A live shark work up with the Bimini Shark Lab and Sharks 4 Kids.

Sharks 4 Kids is a program designed to help young students learn about sharks and the critical role they play in the balance of the oceans ecosystems. Their main goal is to create a new generation of shark advocates through education.

The group shares curriculum that will help teachers integrate shark education into their science programs. The curriculum is available for levels of study from kindergarten to eighth grade.  Students will have access to information about sharks, along with videos, photographs and even games that can help them learn.

Not only does Sharks 4 Kids offer curriculum, but they also have hands on opportunities.  They coordinate visits by scientists, conservationists, professional videographers and scientist to classrooms all across the country.

For more information visit sharks4kids.com

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