< OCEARCH is doing a live Tweet chat tomorrow – Tracking Sharks

OCEARCH is doing a live Tweet chat tomorrow


The shark tracking crew OCEARCH will be hosting a life Tweet chat.

They will be answering questions about Expedition Western Australia where they were tagging mature tiger sharks.

The organization has a unique set of tools including a special shark lifting platform.

Once a shark takes bait from a fishing line, the team guides it a boat where a custom designed shark ramp lowers into the water and under the shark.

The shark and ramp are carefully lifted from the water and hoses are placed into the sharks mouth that pump seawater across its gills.

The team then has 15 minutes to work. They take twelve biological samples from the shark and attach the GPS tracking n.

Not only is it great to study the sharks and obtain great scientific data, but the tag allows anyone who wishes to live track the shark at OCEARCH’s website.

Tweet your questions using the hash tag #SharksChat.

You can follow OCEARCH @OCEARCH and out buddy Chris Fischer @ChrisOCEARCH



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