Paddle-border bitten by shark

Paddle-boarders injury Photo: Danny Freeman
Paddle-boarders injury Photo: Danny Freeman

A paddle-border was bitten by a shark Sunday in New South Wales Australia.

He was bitten on the left ankle by either a bull shark or small bronze whaler according to witness’.

Peter Forsyth was out surfing with his mate Danny Freeman around 7am at McKenzies Beach when they heard the man cry for help.

He believes the man was standing in waist deep water about to jump back on his board when the bite occurred.

Mr. Forsyth told the Newcastle Herald

“He was only about 20 metres from the sand.

“I thought he had been stung by a ray.

“As I got closer, I could see big bite marks and blood coming out of his leg.

“The shark grabbed him,” he said.

“He tried to kick it off with his other foot.

 “It was latched onto him and he kicked it off.”

The pair was able to pull the victim into shore administered first aid, using gaffers tape and a towel to stop the bleeding.

Mr. Forsyth added “They were quite deep perforations. It was quite nasty.”

He said the paddle-boarder “Was pretty tough” and “He (the victim) said, ‘well, that’s ruined my weekend’ before the man drove himself to the hospital for treatment of the wound.

The man was later released from the hospital.

Surfers returned back to the water about an hour later.

The victim did not want his name published.

Click here to see the  location marked on the 2015 shark bites attack tracking map

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