Sand Tiger Shark survives full finning

Fisherman in Ocean City MD reeled in a fully finned sand tiger shark. According to Shark Attack Survivors “this could be the first ever document full finning survivor” Possibly due to the fact sand tigers “hold or gulp air”.

Melissa Michaelson told the website the female’s wounds were all healed and speculated that she was finned at least a year ago. The estimated weight was around 300lbs and due to the girth, it was possible the shark was ‘with pup’.

Thankfully when the shark was released back in the water she swam like a snake “exploding” through the water with enough force to nearly knock the angler down.

This is the 36th shark the angler caught in the same location over the last 45 days and the first one that had been finned.

Read the full report at Shark Attack Survivors.

fully finned sandtiger shark survives
YouTube user thresher455

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