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Shark activists are taking shark hooks from cull lines?

Someone is helping save sharks by removing the hooks from drum lines off Australia’s gold coast.  So far 18 lines near Yaroomba and Currumundi have been targets. Jeff Krause, From the Queensland government’s shark control program told Daily Mail ‘It appears that someone, or a number of people, have purposely gone out to the drum lines with the intention of removing the hooks”. He added ‘This is very dangerous and illegal, and compromises the effectiveness of the shark control program putting lives at risk.’

‘We have shark nets and drum lines positioned approximately 300–400 metres offshore at 85 popular beaches at 10 regional centres in Queensland.”

If caught an on the spot fine can range from $1100 to a maximum of $55,000.


What do you think?  Is the cull working or is it just a waste of Money and Sharks?  Let us know in the comments.


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