Shark bite in Cocoa Beach FL

Alysa Whetro's injury and her new henna tattoo Photo:
Alysa Whetro’s injury and her new henna tattoo Photo: AJC.comAlysa Whetro was swimming in Coco Beach, Florida when she was bitten by a shark.

Alysa Whetro,13, was swimming in waist-deep water when she was bitten by a shark on the left foot.

The track star was at the beach on Sunday celebrating her birthday.

“When it bit me, I felt like a pain, like a sharp pain and then I pulled my foot up,” she told

Luckily there was no severe damage, although she will be receiving a skin graft to repair the injury to her Achilles tendon, and her dream of running in the Junior Olympics will have to wait until she has fully recovered.

Earlier this month body border Josh Green was bitten by a shark near the same area.

This is the twenty-sixth bite attack of 2015, six of which were fatal and two of which were out of water (normally fisherman bitten by their catch).*

The location has been mapped on the 2015 shark bites attack tracking map.

*The information is based on reported shark bites attacks.  It is possible the number could be higher as the incidents are not reported or have been slow to reach the US.

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