Shark bite on Dauphin Island AL

Jamie Robson, a 43 year old fisherman, was bitten by a shark while fishing at Dauphin Island in Alabama.  The incident occurred Saturday afternoon near “Katrina Cut”, on the Island’s far West End.

He told FOX10 News the incident was a case of mistaken identity.

“He was not coming for me. He was coming for the fish, and unfortunately, I guess I got in the way of the shark.” recalled Robson. “He grabbed a hold of my leg, and at that time, I took my rod, jammed the butt end of my rod into the top of the head of the shark, and he released me.”

Robson was able to operate his jet ski and drive back to the boat launch, where he was then transported to Springhill Medical Center, where he is expected to make a full recovery.

He would like to use the reports of the shark bite as a platform to warn beach goers about the dangers of another marine creature. A few years ago he was stung by a sting ray and nearly lost the same leg.

“I’d like to caution people, I don’t think people understand how dangerous a sting from a stingray can be, not to mention how incredibly painful they are,” he said, “so there’s a lot of stuff out there that can hurt people, people need to be smart and know where they’re going, know what’s around them, know how to treat it, and that sort of thing.”

The police also would like to remind fisherman to never fish alone. You never know when you might need help or run into a bit of trouble.

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