Shark bite reported off Cape Cod

Shark bite in Cape Code

A shark bite has been reported in Cape Cod August 15.

Around 4 p.m. William Lytton was swimming around 30 yards off Longnook Beach when he felt a sharp pain in his left leg.

The 61-year-old quickly realized he was being attacked by a shark in the 8- to 10-foot-deep water and began hitting the shark in the gills with such force he damaged his own tendons.

After the shark released its grip, the neurologist swam back to shore and was treated on scene before being transported by EMS to a helipad.

He was flown to Tufts Medical Center for treatment of several puncture wounds to the leg and torso.

The beach has been closed until further notice.

Earlier this month, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy captured video of a white shark grabbing a seal in its mouth about 100 yards from the beach off Wellfleet, Mass.

In August of 2017, a paddleboarder was knocked off his board by a great white shark in Cape Cod.

Cleveland Bigelow III was standing on the board around 30 yards off Marconi Beach in Wellfleet when the shark hit.

He was knocked off the board at around 10:00 a.m. into 3-feet of water.

The Monday before the incident, a great white shark attacked a seal off Nauset Beach around 1:30 p.m.

Several swimmers and surfers were in the water at the time. The injured seal swam towards a pair of surfers who were unaware of what happened.

The two were able to make it back to shore with the help of other beachgoers.

Cape Cod has a large population of seals, which is a favorite food of the white shark.

Should beachgoers, kayakers or paddleboarders spot a seal, they should immediately leave the water as quickly and calmly as possible.

There have been a total of 62 shark attack bites (40 with injury, 12 of which are considered provoked*) publicly reported in 2018. Two fatal**; 22 were reported in the U.S., with 8 occurring in Florida and 2 in Hawaii. Fifteen have been reported in Australia, none fatal. Six unconfirmed bites, worldwide, not included in the total count.

All locations have been marked on the 2018 Shark Attack Bites Tracking Map.

*Provoked defined as spearfishing, feeding sharks, fishing, etc. (listed with green marker).
**One possible scavenge

Updated: September 17, 2018

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