Shark Knocks Fisherman into the Water

A shark knocked a fisherman into the water in South Africa.

Dev De Lange was fishing off the North coast of KwaZulu-Nata, when he hooked a large dorado aka mahi-mahi.

Once he begins reeling in the fish he notices a ‘massive shark’ chasing his catch.

He continues reeling in the mahi-mahi with the shark still in tow.

Mr. De Lange begins to scream in panic while he tries to hit the line release on his reel as the shark rapidly approaches the small surf ski.

Dev De Lange, Live Leak

One second later, a loud thump is heard as the shark smacks into the rear of the surf ski knocking the Mr. De Lange into the water.

As the he tries to upright his capsized ski, his fishing rods can be seen sinking into the water.

After spending 10 seconds in the water and on his fourth try he finally uprights his ski and safely climb aboard.

shark_kayak_attack_Dev De Lange, Live Leak
Dev De Lange, Live Leak

He looks quite relieved and in shock as he rubs his face in disbelief of what just happened.

Apparently someone, possibly a fishing buddy, calls to him making sure his OK.

Though he lost his fishing gear, he did avoid a negative shark encounter.

I am not a kayak fisherman, so I am unsure of the correct way to handle the situation.

However, to me it seems like the best bet would have been to stop reeling in the fish as soon as he spotted the shark.

Even if the shark had eaten the fish or swallowed the fish whole, the line could have been cut and the situation avoided.

In addition, sharks are attracted to vibrations and sound in the water. The paddle lashed to his surf ski thumps as waves hit the boat which may attract sharks to the boat.

It can be quite dangerous to have feet dangling in the water.

Back in 2013 a kayak fisherman had his foot in the water and it was bitten by a shark. The man later died as a result.

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    Little boat fishing in known shark territory may not the best idea.

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