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Shark munched on $250k glider

University of western australia shark bite glider
University of Western Australia

Researches at University of Western Australia got quite a surprise when a shark bit their $250,000 underwater glider off Yanchep.

The glider, which  is used to measure temperature, depth, ocean salinity,  oxygen levels and can even detect pings of tagged sharks, had at least $20,000 worth of damage.  The slow moving shallow water device was bitten by a 13ft shark, which destroyed several sensors and scratched others, all of which will have to be replaced.


Thankfully the glider was not completely destroyed and can be repaired.

Sharks are known to take test bites of foreign objects out of curiosity or to see if it might be a food item. Since their fins are much to short to touch an item, they can use their mouths to explorer.

In 2014, 360Heros offered a $5,000 dollar reward for recovery of their gear after a great white shark decided to see what it tasted like.  No word on whether it has been recovered.





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