Shark Scared Swimmers in Florida

Mila Robert YouTube
Mila Robert YouTube

A shark scared swimmers in Florida on March 4, 2016.

The sharks were filmed feeding near swimmers in Hollywood Florida.

An older couple can be seen swimming in the water as the shark swims closer.

People on the beach begin to warn the couple to leave the water immediately.

Once the pair spot the fins, they dash toward the beach.

As the shark swims down the coast in the shallow waters, people alert others in the water to come into shore.

Lisa Bernier told The Sun “It was very scary…Everyone was yelling ‘shark’ as we were worried for the elderly couple swimming not too far from it. As soon as the elderly couple realized what was going on, they rushed out of the water.”

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  1. Concerned,

    So how many kid’s days, did this mental midget ruin.,Just because they wanted to get some personal attention. They could see and knew it was a perfectly harmless ray and started yelling Shark. My thought, they should be prosecuted. Anyone there seeing this should sue the idiot for damages. Have fun at the beach.

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