Shark Storm at Panama City Beach Florida

Blake Whitlow noticed some major activity just of the beach of Panama City Florida.

At first they thought it might be a pod of porpoise swimming just past the sandbar, but then realized it was sharks.

His wife Tyra quickly got their children out of a raft (in the corner of the video at :04) and onto the beach as the sharks got closer to shore.

YouTube Blake & Tyra Whitlow
YouTube Blake & Tyra Whitlow

Apparently the sharks were storming in to catch mullet or another type of bait fish.

Mr. Whitlow described the sharks as being three to five foot long, but couldn’t tell what species they were.

YouTube Blake Whitlow
YouTube Blake Whitlow

He told WHNT News 19 “The water looked like it was boiling, with the school of fish being attacked”.

He said the amazing shark storm which took place on Sunday lasted for about an hour.

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  1. Steve Mitchell

    You may be interested in this BBC article on shark management in Australia.

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