Sharks Killed for Selfie?


Were two sharks killed for a selfie? Dave Thomas, founder of Eco Divers thinks it could be possible.

The two juvenile dusky whalers were discovered by a jogger on Wednesday at Northern Sydney’s Dee Why beach in Australia.

The sharks had stabs wounds and Mr. Thomas believes they would have been thrashing as they were pulled from the water. He told The Daily Telegraph “These sharks would have put up a good fight. It’s a thrill kill.”

He went on to say there have been other occasions where fishermen have killed sharks for sport and the sharks ““deaths are such a waste.”

Currently it is not illegal to catch or kill dusky whalers.

The sharks were turned over to the Department of Primary Industries who will offer the sharks to research groups for study.

Earlier this week a Florida man was videoed as he pulled a black tip shark out of the water.

Several people then took pictures with the shark, which was then released back into the water.

It is a common occurrence for sharks to be taken out of the water by fisherman.

Normally it is only for a short time as they take photos and measurements.

Several shark fishing groups will remove the sharks from the water, not only to take photos, but also to take the sharks measurements and then tag the shark before releasing them.

The information in the tags, helps biologist understand their movements and growth rates.

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  1. Tamil

    Some people are just sick in the head. Animal cruelty is no joke and I hope these creeps are caught and go to jail!

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