Teen surfer nipped by shark at Winkipop

Lachie brown with his surfboard.

A surfboarding teen was nipped by a shark in Victoria, Australia March 9. Lachie Brown, 18, was sitting on his surfboard around 7:30 a.m. at Winkipop on the Jan Juc side of Bells Beach when an estimated 6- to 8-foot long shark popped up. “It came up beside me when I was sitting out there, and I saw it right at my ankle. Its whole body was alongside so I was just slapping at it,” Brown told 9News. The bronze whaler bit Brown’s left ankle and tore a small hole…

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Beaches closed after man charged by shark

2018-shark_attack_bite_Robert Frostland was at Lorne Beach, Victoria, Australia March 2

Several beaches have been closed after a man said he was charged by a shark. Robert Crossland was on his daily swim at Lorne Beach, Victoria, Australia March 9. Around 3:30 p.m. he said he witnessed an estimated 11-foot long shark thrashing in the water. The 69-year-old watched the shark by keeping his eyes open under the water. “First thing I saw was the fin, it circled around me then came straight at me,” Mr Crossland told 9News. “I was just treading water, waiting for it each time, it circled…

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Shark bite reported in New South Wales

2018 shark attack bite_great_white_shark_Sydney_Australia_Botany_Bay_Anna_Shurapey

  A shark bite has been reported in New South Wales, Australia February 22. Anna Shurapey was swimming off Congwong Beach in La Perouse, around dusk just before 7 .pm., when she was bitten on the leg just below the right knee. Fisherman assisted the 55-year-old out of the water and notified authorities. Shurapey was treated on scene for the deep lacerations and puncture wounds to her leg and foot before being transported to St. George Hospital for treatment. Department of Primary Industries believe the bite was caused by an estimated…

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Shark steamrolls swimmer in New South Wales

_Adam Hoare_photo Adam McLean

A shark steamrolled a swimmer in New South Wales, Australia. Adam Hoare was with his son Matthew and Daughter April in Kiama on February 15. The trio were playing in the shallows off Surf Beach, watching large tuna swim through the breakers as they chased small bait fish. Hoare told his children to stay close in the shallow water to avoid the fish. “It was low tide, so it was really nice. It was really shallow pretty much all the way to out the back,” he told the Illawarra Mercury.…

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11-foot great white steals diver’s fin

2018_shark_attack_Australia_NSW_Callum Stewart

An 11-foot great white shark stole a diver’s fin in Australia January 13. Callum Stewart, Coralie Fleming and Mitchell Scanlan-Bloor traveled to Wollongong’s Five Islands in New South Wales to photograph underwater sea life. The trio anchored their boat and swam toward the southeast side of Martin Island just after 9 a.m. Stewart told Tracking Sharks the group was in the water for around two minutes, roughly 33 yards (30m) from their boat when he dove down to about 16 feet. The 28-year-old felt a blow that bumped him toward the…

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Shark bites surfer on the shoulder

2017 shark attack bite_Avooca Beach_NSW_Charlie Fry

A surfer was bitten on his shoulder by a shark in Australia. Dr. Charlie Fry was surfing with two friends off Avoca Beach in NSW November 13. The 25-year-old was around 22 yards from shore when he started paddling for a wave and was knocked off his board by a shark just before 4 p.m. “I saw its jaw and teeth coming at me,” Dr. Fry told the Daily Telegraph. “I just punched it with my left hand and shouted out to my mates and paddled so hard back to…

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7-year-old bitten by cookiecutter shark in Australia

cookiecutter shark attack bite

A rare shark bite has been reported in Queensland, Australia. Jack Tolley was wading with his family in Alma Bay in North Queensland October 27, when a circular chunk of his leg was torn off. The 7-year-old’s father first spotted the small shark as it swam near him and even referred to it as a friendly fish.  Things changed dramatically when the shark aggressively bumped against his leg and moved toward Jack. When the shark latched onto Jack’s leg, his father quickly kicked it away and out of the water,…

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