Fatal shark attack in Jamaica; nonfatal attack in Bahamas

Two spearfishers have suffered injuries from shark bites, one of which was fatal. Nicholas Malcolm, 43, of Pineapple, Ocho Rios, St. Ann, went fishing with a friend off James Bond Beach in Jamaica September 19. After he went missing, a search of the area where he was last seen turned up shark-bitten pieces of his diver’s gear. “It [his gear] was torn up real bad, a piece of the chest, it had the impression that the shark has taken a piece of his chest. Because the impression shows of the…

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Instagram model swimming with sharks gets bitten

Instagram model Katarina Zarutskie had a run-in with one of her photo props. The 19-year-old model and nursing student was visiting the Bahamas with her boyfriend last month and heard about a nurse shark encounter on Staniel Cay. The Staniel Cay Marina has a healthy population of fed nurse sharks and visitors are free to interact with them. “My boyfriend’s family was freaking out when I went to swim with the sharks and I was like, it’s fine,” she told NBC News. However, she missed the posted nurse shark policy…

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Searching for great hammerheads the Bimini Adventure p3

great hammerhead shark Bahamas

In Part 3, we now return to our search for great hammerheads in the Bahamas as the group prepares to dive. The next morning, we drive to our dive site—only 50 meters from the beach. A plastic bag floats in the sea. A small purple-blue shimmering one with tentacles, a Portuguese man o’ war (Physalia physalis)! There was nothing in the travel catalog about this. These jellyfish are an ugly-beautiful whim of nature. It looks like a designer plastic bag, but Mother Nature filled that plastic bag with deadly poison.…

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Searching for great hammerheads the Bimini Adventure p2

no swimming sign warning of bull sharks

We pick back up on our search for great hammerheads in the Bahamas as the group approaches North Bimini Island. At dusk we enter the small harbor of Alice Town. A boat for deep sea fishing is located next to us. We turn on the boat lights and see in the approximately three-meter deep harbor water several large Tarpon. The Atlantic Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) is highly sought after by sea-anglers for its spectacular battles. Its meat is marketed fresh or salted. In Colombia, the fish are kept in aquaculture. The…

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12-year-old bitten by bull shark in Bimini

bitten by bull shark in Bimini

A 12-year-was bitten by a bull shark in Bimini, Bahamas April 5. Shane McConnell and family were visiting family in Florida when they decided to travel to the Bahamas. Shane, whose family is from Scotland, was walking along the Bimini Big Game Pier where fisherman were tossing out fish parts. Unfortunately, Shane lost his balance and fell into the water where an estimated 6-foot bull shark took interest. “I think, when I was swimming, it sort of bit me while I was pulling my legs in, and it came out…

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Video: Honeymooner bitten by shark

A woman on her honeymoon was bitten by a shark in the Bahamas December 8. Sarah Illig was swimming with nurse sharks while her husband Evan Carroll filmed the interaction. The 25-year-old was enjoying the last day of the trip as she swam in the crystal-clear water of Compass Cay. Unfortunately, her mask obscured her peripheral vision as she swam with her arms extended and she didn’t see the large nurse shark as it approached. “I felt a whoosh of water, something clamped down on my arm and I assumed…

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Spearfisherman bitten by shark in the Bahamas

A spearfisherman was bitten by a shark in the Bahamas. The man, who has not been identified, was spearfishing from a shallow reef August 18 when he speared a fish around 3 p.m. As he pulled in the fish, a 5-foot reef shark went after it and bit the man’s hand. The victim, who is a safety diver for the shark diving company Shark Addicts, was able to return to his boat. Other employees of the company, who were enjoying a day off together, administered first aid and transported the…

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